Royal Tank Regiment

Tanks In Action

Tanks In Action (1961)

A demonstration by the Royal Armoured Corps of tanks in action is watched by schoolboys.

Queen Visits Regiment

Queen Visits Regiment (1967)

Queen Elizabeth visits British tank regiment in West Germany.

Queen In Germany

Queen In Germany (1967)

Queen Elizabeth visits Royal Tank Regiment in Germany on their 50th anniversary.

Funeral Of F/m Montgomery

Funeral Of F/m Montgomery (1976)

Various shots of the funeral of Field Marshal Viscount Bernard Montgomery.

Duke Of Kent At R.A.C. Centre

Duke Of Kent At R.A.C. Centre (1955)

Gunnery School, Duke of Kent on gun with team, tank and trainees.

London Bus For R.T. Regt.

London Bus For R.T. Regt. (1954)

London Transport donate a double decker bus for use by the Royal Tank Regiment in Germany.

Operation Attack - War Games

Operation Attack - War Games (1951)

Army exercises at Warminster, watched by E. J. Strachey, Secretary of State for War.

Army Open Day

Army Open Day (1967)

The Royal Armoured Corps hold an open day at Bovington Camp, Dorset.

Germany V Britain - Swimming

Germany V Britain - Swimming (1957)

British and West German men and women swimmers compete at Hildesheim.

Tanks Take Off

Tanks Take Off (1953)

At Bovington Camp, Dorset, tank demonstration take place.

Lubke Visits BAOR

Lubke Visits BAOR (1966)

Federal German President Lubke inspects troops of the British Army on the Rhine.