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English Housewife.

English Housewife. (1948)

Life after W.W.2.using ration books for shopping.

Save Fuel

Save Fuel (1942)

A Ministry of Information trailer. A family are shown how saving fuel in the home can help with industry and the war effort

Fabric Painting AKA Fabric Printing

Fabric Painting AKA Fabric Printing (1955)

A group of women make groovy textiles at the Hampstead Garden Suburbs Institute.

Dogs' Wool

Dogs' Wool (1951)

Footage of Miss Singer who makes wool from the coats of her dogs, Walthamstow.

Keep Fit Over The Radio

Keep Fit Over The Radio (1946)

Light hearted item about people joining in keep fit programme broadcast over the radio. France.

Housewife's Story

Housewife's Story (1948)

Good item showing housewife Mrs Mary Cannon dealing with rations etc. on day to day basis.

Jerry Verno

Jerry Verno (1941)

Comedian Jerry Verno dresses as a housewife and sings about clothes rationing.