Early TV Masts and broadcasts

Seeing By Wireless

Seeing By Wireless (1929)

Lovely film showing early television transmission techniques - features George Gee and Mamie Watson

Uncle Sam's Television

Uncle Sam's Television (1940)

Interesting item shows the development of television in the United States of America.

Newspaper Being Printed

Newspaper Being Printed

Very quick shots of newspapers being printed.

Radio Caroline

Radio Caroline (1965)

Great stuff of DJs aboard Radio Caroline ship - Tony Blackburn, Simon Dee and others.

Wireless Mast - Italian

Wireless Mast - Italian

Footage of wireless mast in Italy, officials tour control room.

G.P.O. Riggers AKA GPO Riggers

G.P.O. Riggers AKA GPO Riggers (1967)

GPO riggers are trained and test equipment at Rugby Radio Station.

Newspaper Offices

Newspaper Offices (1970)

Producing Evening Standard newspapers - writing articles, typesetting, printing and despatch.

Television Cameras

Television Cameras (1960)

Shots of television cameras from ABC TV company and the NBC Company.

Tv Comes To Alexandra Palace

Tv Comes To Alexandra Palace (1938)

Television studio in Alexandra Palace, London.

Swinging Britain Neg

Swinging Britain Neg (1967)

Britain swings like crazy as stories are gathered for the first issue of groovy new magazine 'Intro' (neg version - see note in description).

Radio Telescope

Radio Telescope (1960)

Huge radio telescope seen at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory.

Newsprint Part 1

Newsprint Part 1 (1940)

The different stages of newspaper printing

Newsprint Part 2

Newsprint Part 2 (1940)

The different stages of newspaper printing