Housing Problems Early 20th

This In Our Time - Reel 2

This In Our Time - Reel 2 (1896)

Wonderful documentary about the history of Liverpool.

The Great Crusade Reel 1

The Great Crusade Reel 1 (1937)

Fantastic film about new housing - slum dwellers are rehoused in nice suburban accommodation.

Abolish The Slums

Abolish The Slums (1929)

Neville Chamberlain lays foundation stone for block of flats which should begin to relieve problem of slum housing in Bethnal Green. London.

British Depression

British Depression (1930)

Unemployed and working life in 1930s Britain


Bygones (1978)

A look behind the scenes at Pathe in the 1970s - including Larry McKinna in a red jumper!