The Story of Francis Gary Powers

February 10th 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union' handing over of Francis Gary Powers in exchange for "Red Spy" Colonel Vilyam Fisher aka Rudolf Abel. One of the highest profile cases in the Cold War, British Pathé followed the story from Powers’ crash through to his safe but controversial return. Other videos on this page include the original arrest of Rudolf Abel, a press conference held by President Eisenhower, footage of Powers' family and a British Pathé tour of a famous U-2 plane.

Powers Trial - Ike's Comment

Powers Trial - Ike's Comment (1960)

US Pilot Francis Powers goes on trial for espionage in Moscow. Eisenhower comments.

Powers Trial

Powers Trial (1960)

Trial of American spy pilot in Moscow and President Eisenhower's comment.

Eisenhower Defends Spying

Eisenhower Defends Spying (1960)

Eisenhower at press conference after a U2 spy plane is brought down over the Soviet Union.

Rudolph Abel Exchange For Garry Powers

Rudolph Abel Exchange For Garry Powers (1962)

Spy Rudolph Abel exchanged for Garry Powers.

Red Spy Rudolf Abel Arrested In Brooklyn

Red Spy Rudolf Abel Arrested In Brooklyn (1957)

Shots of Soviet Spy Rudolf Abel as he is arrested by American officials.

Gary Powers Vindicated

Gary Powers Vindicated (1962)

Gary Powers is questioned by the Senate about his plane crash.

U.2 Aircraft

U.2 Aircraft (1967)

Item showing U.2 plane capable of flying at high altitudes. Bedford, Bedfordshire.


Espionage (1960)

Several items relating to division of Berlin and espionage activity.