Yorkshire On Film

Pregnant Dolphin

Pregnant Dolphin (1968)

Vet has to plant pregnancy pills inside herrings to feed to "Captain" who is expecting a baby dolphin.

Pothole Rescue

Pothole Rescue (1957)

Six young explorers are rescued from Providence Pot underground caves in Yorkshire.

Moorland Shepherdess

Moorland Shepherdess (1965)

Rose Farrow and her dog Gyp herd a flock of sheep up into the scenic Yorkshire Dales.

Motoring Inn

Motoring Inn (1958)

Pub owner obsessed with vintage cars decorates his pub accordingly.

Leeds Of Yesterday

Leeds Of Yesterday (1958)

A recreation of 18th and 19th century life at the Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall.

Grand National At Ilkley, Yorkshire

Grand National At Ilkley, Yorkshire (1930)

Motorcycling Grand National from Ilkley Moor.

Girl Rugby Teacher

Girl Rugby Teacher (1963)

An item about a young woman who teaches rugby to boys.

Floods In Yorkshire

Floods In Yorkshire (1939)

Footage of York during a flood.