Time Please

Time Please (1938)

Interesting item about how the speaking clock works, in the days when you just dialled 'TIM' for 'time'.

Speaking Clock AKA Time

Speaking Clock AKA Time (1954)

A man dials 'TIM' then we hear and see the workings of the speaking clock.

Phone In Your Car

Phone In Your Car (1959)

Car phones used by business men in Lancashire.

Is Your Phone Tapped

Is Your Phone Tapped (1957)

Debate on how far phone tapping can go.

Eve's Wireless

Eve's Wireless (1922)

A new invention - a cross between a mobile telephone and a walkman.

Dave And Dusty - Phone Box

Dave And Dusty - Phone Box (1949)

Little boy with dog makes faces at woman in phone box as she is talking too much.

Army Helps GPO

Army Helps GPO (1940)

Men of the signal Corps. work to repair damage to telephone wires.

999 - Scotland Yard

999 - Scotland Yard (1948)

Item shows what happens after an emergency call is made to Police telephone exchange.

Keep Your Talks Short

Keep Your Talks Short (1943)

Ministry of Information trailer asking public to minimise telephone use.

The Talking Link

The Talking Link (1936)

A look at the history of the telephone and the improvements which have been made.

Post Office Switchboard

Post Office Switchboard (1971)

Post office switchboard with telephone girls at work.

Modern Telephone

Modern Telephone (1959)

Short film about invention of answering machine - watch it to see how huge they were in the 50's.

Telephone Switchboard

Telephone Switchboard (1970)

Various shots of women and men working on small telephone switchboard / exchange.

Time Please

Time Please (1945)

Item showing machinery which ensures time signals and speaking clock are correct.

The World's Switchboard!

The World's Switchboard! (1932)

Fascinating glimpse inside London's Overseas Telephone Exchange - we get to eavesdrop on a few calls to foreign lands.

Under London Trunk Telephone

Under London Trunk Telephone (1968)

A look around trunk telephone exchange in disused Underground tunnels beneath Holborn.