Bletchley Park

Princess Elizabeth At Ats Camp

Princess Elizabeth At Ats Camp (1940)

Princess Elizabeth visits ATS camp.

Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth (1945)

Princess Elizabeth doing ATS vehicle maintenance training and driving an ambulance.

Review Of The Year - 1939

Review Of The Year - 1939 (1939)

Library footage of the main events that shaped 1939.

Atlantic Convoy

Atlantic Convoy (1940)

Convoy resists U-boat attack in the Atlantic.

Convoy At Sea

Convoy At Sea (1941)

Good shots of a Convoy at sea in the Atlantic in fairly heavy seas.

Berlin - Hitler's 48th Birthday

Berlin - Hitler's 48th Birthday (1937)

Adolf Hitler celebrates his 48th Birthday in the German Capital.



Good close up shot of Adolf Hitler as he makes a speech.

Dictators Meet

Dictators Meet

First meeting of the two dictators Hitler and Mussolini in Venice.


Hitler (1930)

Mute close ups of Adolf Hitler giving speeches.