Time To Remember - Your Country Needs You… 1915

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    Pathe have rights to clips in Time to Remember programmes but not to commentary or whole programme as screened.

    Reel 1.

    (Doc. made in around 1959)

    01:00:15 C/U "Your Country Needs You" Poster featuring Lord Kitchener.

    01:00:24 Recruits in civvies marching in time. Recruits sitting by tents eating. Many of the men look very young.

    01:00:49 Opening Titles - "Time to remember - a programme to take you back, however young you may be - recalled by Stanley Holloway".

    01:01:12 Military band in great coats walk past camera. They are not playing their instruments. They are part of a funeral party. They are followed by a horse drawn gun carriage on which is a coffin. The coffin is draped in the Union Jack flag. It is the funeral of a veteran from the Battle of Balaclava. Old soldier (another Crimean veteran who has rejoined the army as a training Sergeant) he is talking to a young man. C/U of the old soldier, he proudly wears his medals on his chest. He salutes the camera. More shots of the funeral. The coffin is lifted from the gun carriage while the voice over recites lines from Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem 'The Charge of The Light Brigade'.

    01:02:00 Title "1915 - Your Country Needs You".

    01:02:07 Man walks along in field scattering seeds, behind him a man leads two horses pulling a device to cover the seeds with soil. By their head gear they could be soldiers. Country building, a distant plume of smoke suggests an explosion some distance away. French cavalry troops moving forwards along a tree lined road.

    01:02:32 Men climbing ladders up side of tree. Soldier with gun slung over his back climbs into crows nest type construction at the top of tree - it is an observation post. View over devastated landscape. Shell holes, broken trees. A few men move about. Views of destroyed village with troops marching in foreground. Shots of destroyed church, its rose window is visible. Interior of destroyed church. Shell holes are visible in the wall and the roof is clearly missing. Men are attempting to clear up. A lorry moves away in a destroyed street. A smashed clock tower is visible in the background. Pan across devastated railway sidings, broken rails and twisted iron work.

    01:03:20 Men working to rebuild railway. Men at work on damaged bridge. Men operating manual pile driver. They pull on ropes to lift a heavy piece of wood which is then released to pound the ground.

    01:03:38 Men loading crates (probably of ammunition) onto great stock piles. Men making piles of large artillery shells. Soldiers push small carriage along short railway line. The carriage is loaded with shells.

    01:03:51 Petrol driven van comes out of woods towards camera. It is driven by what appear to be French soldiers. Officers climb out of the vehicle when it has stopped. They are greeted by other officers.

    01:04:01 Very unappetising side of beef unloaded from what could be a railway carriage. Large heavy vehicles driven along road pulling field artillery. Horse drawn wagons travel along a road.

    01:04:19 Men in early military biplane. A camera is passed up into the cockpit. The plane taxies around. Aerial shots of town.

    01:04:45 Devastated landscape. Broken trees in the foreground. Men run through the remains of the trees. High angled shot of men walking through trench. Men standing in trench, they look nervously over the top.

    01:05:01 Explosions on horizon. Man in trench loads a mortar. Various men run for cover. The mortar fires. An explosion can be seen in the distant.

    01:05:11 Men sitting around in trenches. The camera pans across a graveyard. The graves are marked with simple wooden crosses.

    01:05:19 Men moving to join crowd standing to watch performance by concert party on improvised stage. A man is conducting music as the curtain rises. A line of soldiers are standing on stage and from their midst appears a woman. Shot of the audience. One man is laughing quite forcefully. M/S of stage, the audience in the foreground wave their caps. An explosion is seen to the right of the screen. Two explosions on the horizon.

    01:05:42 A massive piece of artillery. Its camouflaged barrel is raised. Longer shot of the huge gun. It fires. Very long shot shows explosion in the distance.

    01:06:00 Various people come out of building and get into waiting cars. Voice over suggests that they are General Herbert Horatio Kitchener, General Joffre and General French. (This cataloguer is not sure the figure described as Kitchener actually is him).

    01:06:31 Russian troops marching in snow covered terrain. They are heavily wrapped up against the cold. Longer shot of line of troops moving through the snow. Troops moving up snowy hill.

    01:06:43 Czar (Tsar) Nicholas II inspecting Russian troops. He is accompanied by Grand Duke Nicholas (?). The Czar and the Grand Duke talk as they walk along.

    End of Reel 1 - N.B. These reel numbers relate to NEG. reels - Pathe's prints have been combined into 2 reels.

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