Time To Remember - The Eleventh Hour 1918… 1918

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    Pathe have rights to clips in Time to Remember programmes but not to commentary or whole programme as screened.

    Reel 4.

    01:17:36 General Douglas Haig with other officers.

    01:17:44 Biplane fighters moved from hanger. Large biplane bomber warming up engines. Bombs being loaded into hold.

    01:18:02 Rows of supply lorries travelling backwards and forwards along road.

    01:18:07 Troops walking along in trenches. Bombardment begins. Lots of artillery being fired. Shots of troops in trenches looking on. Troops go over the top. Men move forward through barbed wire. C/U German machine gun post. British troops take trench. German troops captured. (Some of this may be staged footage.)

    01:18:52 C/U of sand running through Hour Glass.

    01:18:55 Soldier holds wristwatch up to camera. French troops massed in trenches. Large artillery barrage begins. French troops go over the top and run forwards.

    01:19:25 Wounded men on stretchers lined up on railway platform. German prisoners of war march.

    01:19:33 C/U of sand running through Hour Glass.

    01:19:43 Exterior of the Kaiser's Palace in Berlin. Machine guns moved into place around the Kaiser's Palace. (Voice over talks about Mutiny by German sailors and soldiers).

    01:20:10 C/U of sand running through Hour Glass.

    01:20:13 American troops march along road. Lots of discarded material is left by the roadside.

    01:20:18 L/S bombers flying high above in formation. C/U through bomb aimers position in plane. Camera in plane follows bombs as it falls to earth. Plane flies low through explosions on ground.

    01:20:35 Allied advance using tanks as well as infantry. Lots of troops running forwards.

    01:21:03 C/U of sand running through Hour Glass.

    01:21:05 Biplane flies low over advancing troops.

    01:21:12 C/U of sand running through Hour Glass.

    01:21:14 Combat scenes - Allies advance on German trenches.

    01:21:23 C/U of sand running through Hour Glass.

    01:21:27 German troops come out of trench and surrender to British troops. German prisoners, included injured men, walk under escort. Large number of German POWs look out at camera through barbed wire fence of Prison Camp. C/U Prisoner eating piece of bread. C/U German prisoner looking at camera. German prisoners stand up in camp.

    01:21:56 C/U clock face of Big Ben showing Eleven O'clock. One side of the tower has some scaffolding on.

    01:22:02 Ruined town in Europe. Most buildings show signs of damage. A woman wheels a pram in the foreground. Another woman walks across the scene. Children play in the courtyard of a damaged building. Pan across desolated countryside.

    01:22:52 Victory celebrations in London. Crowds in the streets celebrate the armistice. A crowded open top bus drives through the street. Large crowd, many people waving their hats. More crowd shots, people are waving Union Jack flags and cheering.

    01:23:13 Celebrations in Paris, France. More massive crowds. Some hold balloons. Some are waving American flags. An allied soldier is carried shoulder high. More joyous crowds.

    01:23:45 Crowds in Berlin, Germany. They are equally enthusiastic. German troops ride on horseback through crowds. Following them are soldiers on foot. Shot of building with lots of balconies, people are waving from every space. German troops waving as they return.

    01:24:29 View of Cathedral across the River Rhine. Allied troops marching across bridge over Rhine. Electric trams run along the roadway beside them.

    01:24:44 British troops dancing in camp. The men dance with each other.

    01:24:59 Title reads: "8,000,000 Dead".

    01:25:02 War cemetery. C/U cross with inscription which reads 'British Soldier'. Pan across graves.

    01:25:21 Title reads: "21,000,000 Maimed".

    01:25:24 Women push wounded soldiers in wheelchairs. Many of the men are amputees. Rows of men walking on crutches, most have lost legs.

    01:25:38 Crowds at docks wave. Troops come down gangplank from troopship as they return to Britain. Walking wounded coming down steps from ship. High angle shot of troops standing on deck of ship. Wounded men on stretcher brought off ship. Wounded man on stretcher smiling at camera. Wounded men on stretchers with nurses.

    01:26:07 Scottish army band led by bagpipes. The lead marching troops. More marching troops. London open top buses drive along road in France carrying soldiers.

    01:26:28 End Titles (Music mixes out as clock ticking mixes in). Credits:
    Time to Remember - Written and Produced by Peter Bayliss, Associate Producer Lionel Hoare, Film research from the Associated British Pathe Library Harry Wynder Charles Chart, Recorded by George Newberry, Executive Producer Terry Ashwood.

    End of Reel 4 - N.B. These reel numbers relate to NEG. reels - Pathe's prints have been combined into 2 reels.

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24 January 2015 marks 50 years since the death of British Prime Minister and international statesman, Sir Winston Churchill. British Pathé’s cameras followed Churchill throughout his career.
If you are a media professional and have seen some footage or stills you wish to include in your production, please contact us.
2014 marks 100 years since the start of World War One. To honour this landmark occasion, British Pathé have launched this definitive collection of WW1 films.

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