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    Pathe have rights to clips in Time to Remember programmes but not to commentary or whole programme as screened.

    Reel 1.

    01:00:15 British soldiers, holding bicycles, stand around at the rear of a lorry.

    01:00:24 Women working. They are shovelling coal or coke into wheelbarrows and are then wheeling them up a ramp to deposit the contents into a railway truck.

    01:00:46 Opening Titles - "Time to remember - a programme to take you back, however young you may be - recalled by Stanley Holloway".

    01:01:09 French army parade. Troops marching. Cavalry. Horse drawn carriages. Russian troops.

    01:01:23 Submarine at sea, above the waves.

    01:01:28 Children and one or two women gardening in a square between houses. They are growing food for the Home Front. They are using watering cans and several of them are bent down weeding.

    01:01:38 Parade in Russia. Czar Nicholas II (Tsar), Czarina Alexandra and their son Alexei walking in parade with Russian Orthodox priests. The daughters of the royal family are also in the parade.

    01:01:53 Title: "1917 - Enough of Everything."

    01:02:00 Fighting at the Russian front. Lots of guns and barbed wire. Man crawls under barbed wire with injured colleague on his back .

    01:02:37 Wounded men helped towards building. Ambulance moved towards building. Injured man helped from ambulance. Interior of hospital near Russian front. Injured men bandaged and tended for.

    01:02:51 British troops marching down road. People waving to them as they march past podium. They get on a train. C/U troops looking out of railway carriage window. They are smiling.

    01:03:11 Troops at the front hiding in shallow trench. They are led over the top by their officer. One of the troops falls back wounded. Troops advance across barbed wire covered ground.

    01:03:23 Injured troops play bowls. One of the soldiers is on crutches. Group of injured soldiers playing quoits. Nurses march past inspecting officer. Nurses practice bandaging on soldier.

    01:03:54 Woman checking baskets as they are loaded onto a laundry van. Woman tram conductor standing outside tram. Woman working delivering mail for Post Office. Women loading parcels onto train. Women checking wheels on train. Women drivers. Woman starting car with starting handle. Woman driving van away from depot. Woman using cranking handle to start car watched by two soldiers. One of the soldiers then has a try.

    01:05:01 Heavy artillery being fired. Explosions some distance away. C/U artillery shell inscribed with the words "With Compliments". A soldier si lying next to it and polishing it. Troops moving ammunition around on large stockpiles. More artillery being fired (this time by French soldiers).

    01:05:34 Women working in ammunition factory. The machines are powered by belts driven from the ceiling. Women rolling shell cases along bench. They are checking the size.

    01:05:48 Horse draw carts carrying batches of shells. Large shells moved into position on massive railway mounted artillery piece. The massive gun is fired.

    01:06:06 Huge dump of empty shell cases. Men emptying salvaged items into box. Men carrying bale of salvaged cloth. Empty tin cans. Men hammering together wooden boxes. Soldiers loading sacks onto cart.

    01:06:43 French antiaircraft guns. Explosions in the sky (a small barrage balloon is visible). More ack-ack fire. Biplanes in flight overhead.

    01:07:01 Men check over Royal Flying Corp (RFC) biplane on the ground. C/U of them checking machine gun on plane. Men checking use of machine gun as it fires through propellor. Closer shot of propellor.

    01:07:21 German planes taxiing on ground. Men checking machine guns. Pilots standing by plane. (Voice over talks about Baron Von Richtofen - not clear if this is him). German aeroplane started up and loaded with bombs. German aircraft take off. Planes flying overhead.

    01:07:58 German transport submarine Deutchsland sailing from harbour. Sailors wave as she sails . Huge fire. Men working to put it out. Ship on horizon, it explodes - presumably hit by a torpedo. U-boat submarine submerging. Ship explodes. Members of U-boat crew on conning tower. End of Reel 1 - N.B. These reel numbers relate to NEG reels - Pathe's prints have been combined into 2 reels.

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    Temporary workspace: 2.11.2009 19:19 Time to Remember Rusland 1900-1920 WWI The Flag footage request The Flag: Russia A Time to Remember WATT Loos Hill 70 U-boat IP - The first - master 2 Visual Cultures of the World Wars 1 WK who 5 plus bomb-damaged house WW1 WK SCAN ALL EPS Time to remember -WW Time To Remember: Complete WW1 blakeway - neccessary war WW1 Post Office and mail WW1 Anti German Attacks WW1 Retrospectives and Documentaries WW1 WW1 U-boat battles south bank 2014 WW1 RAILWAYS kate adie 3 Revolution in Colour WWI Artillery CCWWI Projection studio WW1INJURED TTR Aus - Story of Us Russian Revolution German Artillery WW1: German Artillery WW1 - Hospital Ships
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