News In A Nutshell

In the 1930s, British Pathé produced this regular news programme. Viewing the episodes together allows that fascinating decade to be explored in extraordinary detail, from the perspective of those who were living through it, unclouded by hindsight and dim memories.

Episode Title Date
1 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1934
2 "News In A Nutshell" Ship Ashore In South Wales 1934
3 News In A Nutshell Title NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (TITLE) 1934
4 News In A Nutshell Title NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (TITLE) 1934
5 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
6 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
7 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
8 Colorado River Dam Finished News In A Nutshell COLORADO RIVER DAM FINISHED (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
9 Enthronement Of Bishop Of Ripon News In A Nutshell ENTHRONEMENT OF BISHOP OF RIPON (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
10 Naval Wedding At Greenwich Aka News In A Nutshell NAVAL WEDDING AT GREENWICH (aka NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
11 Beagle Hunt At Sywell News In A Nutshell BEAGLE HUNT AT SYWELL (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
12 French Streamlined Rail-Car News In A Nutshell FRENCH STREAMLINED RAIL-CAR (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
13 Skiing In Tyrol Aka Ski-Ing In Tyrol News In A Nutshell SKIING IN TYROL (aka SKI-ING IN TYROL) (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
14 Crown Prince Of Sweden On Sleeve As Crown Prince Of Sweeden News In A Nutshell CROWN PRINCE OF SWEDEN (on sleeve as CROWN PRINCE OF SWEEDEN) (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
15 Yorkshire Land Slide News In A Nutshell YORKSHIRE LAND SLIDE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
16 Manchester Students' Rag News In A Nutshell MANCHESTER STUDENTS' RAG (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
17 Miss Diane Chamberlain's Wedding On Sleeve As Miss Diana Chamberlain's Wedding News In A Nutshell MISS DIANE CHAMBERLAIN'S WEDDING (on sleeve as MISS DIANA CHAMBERLAIN'S WEDDING) (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
18 Levee At St. James' Palace News In A Nutshell LEVEE AT ST. JAMES' PALACE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
19 Macon Survivors Landed At San Francisco News In A Nutshell MACON SURVIVORS LANDED AT SAN FRANCISCO (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
20 HMS Renown Arrives At Portsmouth News In A Nutshell HMS RENOWN ARRIVES AT PORTSMOUTH (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
21 Sir Malcolm Campbell At Daytona News In A Nutshell SIR MALCOLM CAMPBELL AT DAYTONA (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
22 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
23 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
24 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
25 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
26 News In A Nutshell Aka Jack Doyle Film Actor NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka JACK DOYLE FILM ACTOR) 1935
27 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
28 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
29 New High Speed Plane Service News In A Nutshell Aka News From The American Continent NEW HIGH SPEED PLANE SERVICE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) (aka NEWS FROM THE AMERICAN CONTINENT) 1935
30 Lindbergh Trial Scenes News In A Nutshell LINDBERGH TRIAL SCENES (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
31 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
32 Woman Air Pilot News In A Nutshell WOMAN AIR PILOT (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
33 Wedding With Three Best Men News In A Nutshell WEDDING WITH THREE BEST MEN (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
34 Olympic Swimming Champion News In A Nutshell Plus National Terrier Show OLYMPIC SWIMMING CHAMPION (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) (plus NATIONAL TERRIER SHOW ) 1935
35 British Schooner Aground News In A Nutshell BRITISH SCHOONER AGROUND (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
36 Trawler Disaster At Hull News In A Nutshell TRAWLER DISASTER AT HULL (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
37 Duke And Duchess Of Kent At Munich News In A Nutshell DUKE AND DUCHESS OF KENT AT MUNICH (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
38 Ice Hockey At Helsingfors On Sleeve As Ice Hockey At Halsingfors News In A Nutshell ICE HOCKEY AT HELSINGFORS (on sleeve as ICE HOCKEY AT HALSINGFORS) (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
39 Relaying Jo'burg's Cricket News In A Nutshell RELAYING JO'BURG'S CRICKET (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
40 Chelsea Bridge News In A Nutshell CHELSEA BRIDGE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
41 Santa Anita Races On Sleeve As Sant Anita Races News In A Nutshell SANTA ANITA RACES (on sleeve as SANT ANITA RACES) (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
42 London Society Weddings News In A Nutshell LONDON SOCIETY WEDDINGS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
43 South Africa's Grand Prix Motor Race News In A Nutshell SOUTH AFRICA'S GRAND PRIX MOTOR RACE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
44 Ex-King & Queen Of Siam In Surrey News In A Nutshell EX-KING & QUEEN OF SIAM IN SURREY (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
45 Hitler Acclaimed In Saar News In A Nutshell HITLER ACCLAIMED IN SAAR (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
46 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
47 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
48 Driver Sparshott On Lner's Record Run News In A Nutshell DRIVER SPARSHOTT ON LNER'S RECORD RUN (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
49 Cameron Highlanders News In A Nutshell CAMERON HIGHLANDERS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
50 New Stern For HMS Renown News In A Nutshell NEW STERN FOR HMS RENOWN (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
51 Floods In Southern France News In A Nutshell FLOODS IN SOUTHERN FRANCE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
52 Streamlined Train For Gwr News In A Nutshell STREAMLINED TRAIN FOR GWR (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
53 Swedish Training Ship At Portsmouth News In A Nutshell SWEDISH TRAINING SHIP AT PORTSMOUTH (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
54 Royal Lovers In Sweden And Denmark News In A Nutshell ROYAL LOVERS IN SWEDEN AND DENMARK (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
55 Blessing The Waters At Muddeford News In A Nutshell BLESSING THE WATERS AT MUDDEFORD (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
56 Relay Race Through Ilford News In A Nutshell RELAY RACE THROUGH ILFORD (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
57 Fifty Years Aboard A Cable Ship News In A Nutshell FIFTY YEARS ABOARD A CABLE SHIP (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
58 St. Patrick's Day In Dublin News In A Nutshell ST. PATRICK'S DAY IN DUBLIN (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
59 Tons Of Speed News In A Nutshell Aka Elephant Derby TONS OF SPEED (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) (aka ELEPHANT DERBY) 1935
60 Silver Jubilee Preparations News In A Nutshell SILVER JUBILEE PREPARATIONS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
61 Guard Rails For Pedestrians News In A Nutshell GUARD RAILS FOR PEDESTRIANS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
62 News In A Nutshell Beating Margate's Bounds, Mr Campbell Black's Wedding, Head Of River Race, General Balbo In Tripoli, Jumping From Seattle Bridge, Trotting Race In Usa NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (BEATING MARGATE'S BOUNDS, MR CAMPBELL BLACK'S WEDDING, HEAD OF RIVER RACE, GENERAL BALBO IN TRIPOLI, JUMPING FROM SEATTLE BRIDGE, TROTTING RACE IN USA) 1935
63 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
64 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
65 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
66 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
67 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
68 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
69 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
70 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
71 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
72 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
73 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
74 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
75 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
76 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
77 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
78 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
79 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
80 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
81 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
82 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
83 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
84 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
85 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
86 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
87 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
88 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
89 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
90 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
91 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
92 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
93 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
94 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
95 Latest In Helicopters Originally Part Of News In A Nutshell LATEST IN HELICOPTERS (originally part of NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
96 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL
97 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
98 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
99 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
100 Wightman Cup Battles News In A Nutshell WIGHTMAN CUP BATTLES (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
101 Brixham Regatta News In A Nutshell BRIXHAM REGATTA (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
102 Indian Polo Ponies Leave England News In A Nutshell INDIAN POLO PONIES LEAVE ENGLAND  (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
103 German Horse Show News In A Nutshell GERMAN HORSE SHOW (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
104 Grasmere Sports News In A Nutshell GRASMERE SPORTS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
105 One Armed Golf Tournament News In A Nutshell ONE ARMED GOLF TOURNAMENT (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
106 Bonfire Of Old Coaches News In A Nutshell BONFIRE OF OLD COACHES (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
107 Hopping In Kent News In A Nutshell HOPPING IN KENT (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
108 Japanese Floods News In A Nutshell JAPANESE FLOODS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
109 Funeral Of Will Rogers News In A Nutshell FUNERAL OF WILL ROGERS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
110 Gliding In Yorkshire News In A Nutshell GLIDING IN YORKSHIRE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
111 500 Mile Charity Ride News In A Nutshell Aka Five Hundred Mile Charity Ride 500 MILE CHARITY RIDE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) (aka FIVE HUNDRED MILE CHARITY RIDE) 1935
112 Boys International Golf News In A Nutshell BOYS INTERNATIONAL GOLF (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
113 Portsmouth - Ryde News In A Nutshell PORTSMOUTH - RYDE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
114 Clacton Carnival News In A Nutshell CLACTON CARNIVAL (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
115 Italian Army Manoeuvres News In A Nutshell ITALIAN ARMY MANOEUVRES (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
116 Dartmouth Regatta News In A Nutshell DARTMOUTH REGATTA (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
117 Cowal Highland Games News In A Nutshell COWAL HIGHLAND GAMES (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
118 Saw Mills Fire At Dunston News In A Nutshell SAW MILLS FIRE AT DUNSTON (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
119 Evangeline Booth's Tour News In A Nutshell EVANGELINE BOOTH'S TOUR (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
120 Troops Embark For Malta News In A Nutshell TROOPS EMBARK FOR MALTA  (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
121 Mussolini Reviews Troops On Sleeve Incorrectly As Troops Embark For Malta News In A Nutshell MUSSOLINI REVIEWS TROOPS (on sleeve incorrectly as TROOPS EMBARK FOR MALTA)  (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
122 Abyssinian Troops Have Bayonet Practice On Sleeve Incorrectly As Mussolini Reviews Troops News In A Nutshell ABYSSINIAN TROOPS HAVE BAYONET PRACTICE (on sleeve incorrectly as MUSSOLINI REVIEWS TROOPS) (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
123 Children's Carnival At Ryde News In A Nutshell CHILDREN'S CARNIVAL AT RYDE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
124 Malcolm Campbell's Land Speed Record News In A Nutshell MALCOLM CAMPBELL'S LAND SPEED RECORD (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
125 Long Necked Woman's Baby Christened News In A Nutshell LONG NECKED WOMAN'S BABY CHRISTENED (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
126 Sir Kingsley Wood Amongst The Hoppers News In A Nutshell SIR KINGSLEY WOOD AMONGST THE HOPPERS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
127 Girls' Golf Championship At Stoke Poges News In A Nutshell GIRLS' GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP AT STOKE POGES (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
128 All Blacks At Newton Abbot News In A Nutshell ALL BLACKS AT NEWTON ABBOT (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
129 Sheaf Pitching Record News In A Nutshell SHEAF PITCHING RECORD (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
130 Penny Farthing Cycle Race News In A Nutshell PENNY FARTHING CYCLE RACE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
131 Stelvio Motor Car Race News In A Nutshell STELVIO MOTOR CAR RACE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
132 Red Marley Hill Climb News In A Nutshell RED MARLEY HILL CLIMB (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
133 Fire At Euston Station News In A Nutshell FIRE AT EUSTON STATION (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
134 Local Government Centenary Celebrations At York News In A Nutshell LOCAL GOVERNMENT CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS AT YORK (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
135 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
136 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
137 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
138 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
139 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
140 Latest In Rail Road Cars News In A Nutshell LATEST IN RAIL ROAD CARS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
141 Royal Wedding Gifts News In A Nutshell ROYAL WEDDING GIFTS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
142 Duchess Of Gloucester's Trousseau News In A Nutshell DUCHESS OF GLOUCESTER'S TROUSSEAU (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
143 Cross Country Race At Epsom News In A Nutshell CROSS COUNTRY RACE AT EPSOM (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
144 Weighing In The Mayor Of High Wycombe News In A Nutshell WEIGHING IN THE MAYOR OF HIGH WYCOMBE (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
145 Dog Show At Crystal Palace News In A Nutshell DOG SHOW AT CRYSTAL PALACE  (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
146 Motor Cycle Skidding Test News In A Nutshell MOTOR CYCLE SKIDDING TEST (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
147 France's Tall Boxer News In A Nutshell FRANCE'S TALL BOXER (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
148 Arsenal Play Football In Paris News In A Nutshell ARSENAL PLAY FOOTBALL IN PARIS (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
149 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
150 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
151 News In A Nutshell 4 X Stories NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (4 X STORIES) 1935
152 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
153 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
154 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
155 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
156 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
157 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
158 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
159 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
160 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
161 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
162 British Legation In Addis Ababa Aka News In A Nutshell BRITISH LEGATION IN ADDIS ABABA (aka NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1936
163 Hockey Aka News In A Nutshell HOCKEY (aka NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1936
164 Italian Plane Crippled Aka News In A Nutshell ITALIAN PLANE CRIPPLED (aka NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1936
165 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
166 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
167 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
168 News In A Nutshell Cross Country Championships, Table Tennis Championships, Well Known Jockey's Wedding, Big Guns Leave South Kensington, Will Rogers Memorial NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS, TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS, WELL KNOWN JOCKEY'S WEDDING, BIG GUNS LEAVE SOUTH KENSINGTON, WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL 1936
169 News In A Nutshell Aka Pennsylvania Express Crashes Off Bridge Into Canal At Pennsylvania, Cruft's Dog Show, Huntsman's Memorial, Abyssinia: Preparing An Offensive,tall Bride's Wedding, Thrills At Garmisch, Rough Seas On The East Coast NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka PENNSYLVANIA) (EXPRESS CRASHES OFF BRIDGE INTO CANAL AT PENNSYLVANIA, CRUFT'S DOG SHOW, HUNTSMAN'S MEMORIAL, ABYSSINIA: PREPARING AN OFFENSIVE,TALL BRIDE'S WEDDING, THRILLS AT GARMISCH, ROUGH SEAS ON THE EAST COAST) 1936
170 News In A Nutshell Frozen Sea At Pegwell Bay, Ten Thousand Fish For A Lake, Skating Championships At Selby And Lingay Fen, On The Eritrean Front, Scenes At Massawa, Boo-Boo's Birthday Party, Skiing At Garmisch NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (FROZEN SEA AT PEGWELL BAY, TEN THOUSAND FISH FOR A LAKE, SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS AT SELBY AND LINGAY FEN, ON THE ERITREAN FRONT, SCENES AT MASSAWA, BOO-BOO'S BIRTHDAY PARTY, SKIING AT GARMISCH) 1936
171 News In A Nutshell Version 1 Of 2 Naval Wedding, Winchester Castle In Dry Dock, F.A. Cup 5th Round Replays Spurs V. Bradford Arsenal V. Newcastle NEWS IN A NUTSHELL version 1 of 2 (NAVAL WEDDING,  WINCHESTER CASTLE IN DRY DOCK, F.A. CUP 5TH ROUND REPLAYS SPURS V. BRADFORD ARSENAL V. NEWCASTLE) 1936
172 News In A Nutshell Version 2 Of 2 Big Boat In Narrow Streets, Postal Rocket Plane Experiment, Washington Blizzard, Marooned On Ice Flows, Manchester Students' Rag, First Investiture Of New Reign NEWS IN A NUTSHELL version 2 of 2 (BIG BOAT IN NARROW STREETS, POSTAL ROCKET PLANE EXPERIMENT, WASHINGTON BLIZZARD, MAROONED ON ICE FLOWS, MANCHESTER STUDENTS' RAG, FIRST INVESTITURE OF NEW REIGN) 1936
173 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
174 News In A Nutshell Pretty Wedding At St. Margaret's Westminster, Tommy Rose In Cape Town, Sledge Dog Race At New Hampshire, Tossing The Pancake At Highgate, Abyssinia, New Submarine Launched At Chatham, Manchester Students' Impersonations, Mussolini Inspects New Bombers, Mlle. Lenglen Teaches Tennis NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (PRETTY WEDDING AT ST. MARGARET'S WESTMINSTER, TOMMY ROSE IN CAPE TOWN, SLEDGE DOG RACE AT NEW HAMPSHIRE, TOSSING THE PANCAKE AT HIGHGATE, ABYSSINIA, NEW SUBMARINE LAUNCHED AT CHATHAM,  MANCHESTER STUDENTS' IMPERSONATIONS, MUSSOLINI INSPECTS NEW BOMBERS,  MLLE. LENGLEN TEACHES TENNIS) 1936
175 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
176 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
177 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
178 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
179 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
180 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
181 News In A Nutshell Donna Mussolini Opens Welfare Centre, England V. Scotland At Twickenham, Interview With New Defence Minister, Four Trains Abreast In U.S. NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (DONNA MUSSOLINI OPENS WELFARE CENTRE, ENGLAND V. SCOTLAND AT TWICKENHAM, INTERVIEW WITH NEW DEFENCE MINISTER, FOUR TRAINS ABREAST IN U.S. 1936
182 News In A Nutshell Floods In Lithuania, Cross Country Motorcycle Race From Derby, Germany's Antiaircraft Practice, Vaudeville Artists Play Golf NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (FLOODS IN LITHUANIA, CROSS COUNTRY MOTORCYCLE RACE FROM DERBY, GERMANY'S ANTIAIRCRAFT PRACTICE, VAUDEVILLE ARTISTS PLAY GOLF) 1936
183 News In A Nutshell Mr Pickwick Rides To Rochester, Big London Warehouse Blaze, Sculptor's Day At Royal Academy, M. Flandin Speaks To Pathe On The Present Situation NEWS IN A NUTSHELL  (MR PICKWICK RIDES TO ROCHESTER, BIG LONDON WAREHOUSE BLAZE, SCULPTOR'S DAY AT ROYAL ACADEMY, M. FLANDIN SPEAKS TO PATHE ON THE PRESENT SITUATION) 1936
184 News In A Nutshell 5 X Stories Duke Of Roxburghes' Wedding, Coal Dust Explosion, Cardiff V All Blacks, Winged War In United States, Dissolution In Parliament NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (5 X STORIES) (DUKE OF ROXBURGHES' WEDDING, COAL DUST EXPLOSION, CARDIFF V ALL BLACKS, WINGED WAR IN UNITED STATES, DISSOLUTION IN PARLIAMENT) 1935
185 News In A Nutshell 4 X Stories NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (4  X STORIES) 1935
186 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
187 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
188 News In A Nutshell Motor Racing At Tripoli, Founders' Day At Pangbourne, International Angling Contest At Loch Leven NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (MOTOR RACING AT TRIPOLI, FOUNDERS' DAY AT PANGBOURNE, INTERNATIONAL ANGLING CONTEST AT LOCH LEVEN) 1936
189 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
190 News In A Nutshell Fourth Of June At Eton, Clearing Up In Addis Ababa, Tulip Time In Holland, Dock Fire At Southampton, Vienna's Trotting Derby, Roman Catholic Procession In Manchester NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (FOURTH OF JUNE AT ETON, CLEARING UP IN ADDIS ABABA, TULIP TIME IN HOLLAND, DOCK FIRE AT SOUTHAMPTON, VIENNA'S TROTTING DERBY, ROMAN CATHOLIC PROCESSION IN MANCHESTER) 1936
191 News In A Nutshell His Majesty's Third Levee, Niagara Falls, Endeavour II Launched, R.A.F. Rehearsal At Hendon, Hunting The Otter At Dartmoor NEWS IN A NUTSHELL  (HIS MAJESTY'S THIRD LEVEE, NIAGARA FALLS, ENDEAVOUR II LAUNCHED, R.A.F. REHEARSAL AT HENDON, HUNTING THE OTTER AT DARTMOOR) 1936
192 News In A Nutshell Paddle Boat Launched In Southampton, Vesuvius In Eruption, Blowing Up Railway Bridge, German Motor Cycle Race, Boxers & Press Charity Football Match, King Of Belgians At Brussels Fair, Fun On Home Made Bicycles, A New Baby Sports Car NEWS IN A NUTSHELL  (PADDLE BOAT LAUNCHED IN SOUTHAMPTON, VESUVIUS IN ERUPTION, BLOWING UP RAILWAY BRIDGE, GERMAN MOTOR CYCLE RACE, BOXERS & PRESS CHARITY FOOTBALL MATCH, KING OF BELGIANS AT BRUSSELS FAIR, FUN ON HOME MADE BICYCLES, A NEW BABY SPORTS CAR) 1936
193 News In A Nutshell Rehearsing Royal Tournament, Belle Vue Centenary In Manchester, Golden Gate Bridge Makes History, Hunter Trials Near Towcester, Extinguishing Oil Fires With Water, Snow, Dust And Flood In U.S. Berlin Prepares For Olympic Games, Italy's New Bridge For Old One, Opening A Giant Easter Egg NEWS IN A NUTSHELL  (REHEARSING ROYAL TOURNAMENT, BELLE VUE CENTENARY IN MANCHESTER, GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE MAKES HISTORY, HUNTER TRIALS NEAR TOWCESTER, EXTINGUISHING OIL FIRES WITH WATER, SNOW, DUST AND FLOOD IN U.S. BERLIN PREPARES FOR OLYMPIC GAMES, ITALY'S NEW BRIDGE FOR OLD ONE, OPENING A GIANT EASTER EGG) 1936
194 News In A Nutshell Aka Tinsley Green Sussex British Marbles Championship, Arizona's Boulder Dam Tested, London Van Horse Parade, Sunderland To Darlington Walk, International Cycling At Herne Hill, Blackpool And Margate Holiday Scenes, Berlin Zoo And London Zoo, King Of Belgians Reviews His Troops NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka TINSLEY GREEN SUSSEX) (BRITISH MARBLES CHAMPIONSHIP, ARIZONA'S BOULDER DAM TESTED, LONDON VAN HORSE PARADE, SUNDERLAND TO DARLINGTON WALK, INTERNATIONAL CYCLING AT HERNE HILL, BLACKPOOL AND MARGATE HOLIDAY SCENES, BERLIN ZOO AND LONDON ZOO, KING OF BELGIANS REVIEWS HIS TROOPS) 1936
195 News In A Nutshell Melbury Club Tennis Tournament, Motor Racing At Brooklands, Wedding Of Lord Decies Daughter, Germany's New Streamlined Train, Veteran Car Rally At Oxted, Pennsylvania Plane Crash NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (MELBURY CLUB TENNIS TOURNAMENT, MOTOR RACING AT BROOKLANDS, WEDDING OF LORD DECIES DAUGHTER, GERMANY'S NEW STREAMLINED TRAIN, VETERAN CAR RALLY AT OXTED, PENNSYLVANIA PLANE CRASH) 1936
196 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
197 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
198 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
199 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
200 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
201 News In A Nutshell Roosevelt On Holiday, Children's Tea Party In Limehouse, Windsor Gt. Park Cricket, Bermondsey - Prince And Princess Of Norway, Newcastle Bonfire, Chicago Baby Panda, Royal Coronation Groups, Medals For Coronation Contingents, Children's Procession In Manchester & Blessing The Crops Cannington - Somerset NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (ROOSEVELT ON HOLIDAY, CHILDREN'S TEA PARTY IN LIMEHOUSE, WINDSOR GT. PARK CRICKET, BERMONDSEY - PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF NORWAY, NEWCASTLE BONFIRE, CHICAGO BABY PANDA, ROYAL CORONATION GROUPS, MEDALS FOR CORONATION CONTINGENTS, CHILDREN'S PROCESSION IN MANCHESTER & BLESSING THE CROPS CANNINGTON - SOMERSET 1937
202 News In A Nutshell Hellingly - Drilling For Oil, Liverpool Flood At Aintree, New York Hydroplane, Isle Of Man Car Race, New Zealand Maoris Welcome Governor General, Tokyo - Hirohito's Birthday & Pangbourne - Founder's Day Celebration NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (HELLINGLY - DRILLING FOR OIL, LIVERPOOL FLOOD AT AINTREE, NEW YORK HYDROPLANE, ISLE OF MAN CAR RACE, NEW ZEALAND MAORIS WELCOME GOVERNOR GENERAL, TOKYO - HIROHITO'S BIRTHDAY & PANGBOURNE - FOUNDER'S DAY CELEBRATION 1937
203 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
204 News In A Nutshell Lord Mayor Inspects Legion Of Frontieresmen, Giraffe Necked Woman At Bristol Airport, Rescues From A Burning Plane, Sheep Shearing In Hyde Park, Arrest Of French Aviator, Law Courts Budget Trial, Riots In Spain, Anniversary Servies To Memory Of Joan Of Arc NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (LORD MAYOR INSPECTS LEGION OF FRONTIERESMEN, GIRAFFE NECKED WOMAN AT BRISTOL AIRPORT, RESCUES FROM A BURNING PLANE,  SHEEP SHEARING IN HYDE PARK, ARREST OF FRENCH AVIATOR, LAW COURTS BUDGET TRIAL, RIOTS IN SPAIN, ANNIVERSARY SERVIES TO MEMORY OF JOAN OF ARC) 1936
205 News In A Nutshell Rescues From Sinking Freighter,extremes In Weather At Home And Abroad, Joe Louis And Max Schmeling Train For Fight, Memoir Of Lord Allenby, New Stadium For Olympic Games, NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (RESCUES FROM SINKING FREIGHTER,EXTREMES IN WEATHER AT HOME AND ABROAD, JOE LOUIS AND MAX SCHMELING TRAIN FOR FIGHT, MEMOIR OF LORD ALLENBY, NEW STADIUM FOR OLYMPIC GAMES,   ) 1936
206 News In A Nutshell London's New Lido Opened At Victoria Park, Model Aeroplane Competition, Blossom Festival Michigan, Surrey Lawn Tennis Championships At Surbiton, Women's Bowling Tournament At Old Trafford, Pageantry At Scottish General Church Assembly, British And Foriegn Ex-Servicemen's Rally, Cyclists Service At Meriden Green NEWS IN A NUTSHELL  (LONDON'S NEW LIDO OPENED AT VICTORIA PARK, MODEL AEROPLANE COMPETITION, BLOSSOM FESTIVAL MICHIGAN, SURREY LAWN TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS AT SURBITON, WOMEN'S BOWLING TOURNAMENT AT OLD TRAFFORD, PAGEANTRY AT SCOTTISH GENERAL CHURCH ASSEMBLY, BRITISH AND FORIEGN EX-SERVICEMEN'S RALLY, CYCLISTS SERVICE AT MERIDEN GREEN) 1936
207 News In A Nutshell Aka Sudbury NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka SUDBURY) 1936
208 News In A Nutshell Inspection Of St John's Ambulance Brigade, Abraham Ryderberg In Dry Dock At Blyth, Nuremberg Motor Race, Cleaning The Roof Of Paddington Station, Fire Fighters Old And New, Governor Landon At Kansas NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (INSPECTION OF ST JOHN'S AMBULANCE BRIGADE, ABRAHAM RYDERBERG IN DRY DOCK AT BLYTH, NUREMBERG MOTOR RACE, CLEANING THE ROOF OF PADDINGTON STATION, FIRE FIGHTERS OLD AND NEW, GOVERNOR LANDON AT KANSAS) 1936
209 News In A Nutshell Heligoland Refortification, Wimbledon Personalities, Light Weight Tourist Trophy Race And Mass Cycle Race In Isle Of Man, Richard Tauber Weds Diana Napier, Quarrying Competition, Italian Navy Goes To Sea NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (HELIGOLAND REFORTIFICATION, WIMBLEDON PERSONALITIES, LIGHT WEIGHT TOURIST TROPHY RACE AND MASS CYCLE RACE IN ISLE OF MAN, RICHARD TAUBER WEDS DIANA NAPIER, QUARRYING COMPETITION, ITALIAN NAVY GOES TO SEA) 1936
210 News In A Nutshell Aka Finchale Priory Annual Ascension Day Service, Liverpool Police Inspection NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka FINCHALE PRIORY) (ANNUAL ASCENSION DAY SERVICE, LIVERPOOL POLICE INSPECTION) 1936
211 News In A Nutshell British Cruiser Launched, U.S. Navy Training Ships Visit Portsmouth, Duchess Of Kent Tours London On Alexandra Rose Day NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (BRITISH CRUISER LAUNCHED, U.S. NAVY TRAINING SHIPS VISIT PORTSMOUTH, DUCHESS OF KENT TOURS LONDON ON ALEXANDRA ROSE DAY) 1936
212 News In A Nutshell Open Golf Championship, Endeavour II First Race, Austrian Army Tests Light Weight Tanks, Fire At Mile End, Queen Of The Roses NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP, ENDEAVOUR II FIRST RACE, AUSTRIAN ARMY TESTS LIGHT WEIGHT TANKS, FIRE AT MILE END, QUEEN OF THE ROSES) 1936
213 News In A Nutshell American Yacht Rainbow, Jousting Tournament At Arezzo, Women's Bowling Tournament, Fun In The Kremlin, Concour D'elegance At Eastbourne, Sir Kingsley Wood Visits Wandsworth NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (AMERICAN YACHT RAINBOW, JOUSTING TOURNAMENT AT AREZZO, WOMEN'S BOWLING TOURNAMENT, FUN IN THE KREMLIN, CONCOUR D'ELEGANCE AT EASTBOURNE, SIR KINGSLEY WOOD VISITS WANDSWORTH) 1936
214 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
215 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
216 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
217 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
218 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
219 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
220 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
221 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
222 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
223 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
224 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
225 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
226 News In A Nutshell Aka France Tour De France Cycle Race, 2nd Somerset Light Infantry At Chelsea Barracks, Marlow Regatta, Scouts Jamboree At Raby Castle, Barnsley Pit Disaster, Fire In Budapest Petrol Refinery NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka FRANCE) (TOUR DE FRANCE CYCLE RACE, 2ND SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY AT CHELSEA BARRACKS, MARLOW REGATTA, SCOUTS JAMBOREE AT RABY CASTLE, BARNSLEY PIT DISASTER, FIRE IN BUDAPEST PETROL REFINERY) 1936
227 News In A Nutshell 100 Mile Race At Southport, Italian Car Race At Livorno, Croydon Aeroplane Crash, Hurricane In U.S., Somerset Light Infantry Rehearse At Chelsea Barracks, Mitchem Fair Opened, Olympic Games In Berlin NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (100 MILE RACE AT SOUTHPORT, ITALIAN CAR RACE AT LIVORNO, CROYDON AEROPLANE CRASH, HURRICANE IN U.S., SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY REHEARSE AT CHELSEA BARRACKS, MITCHEM FAIR OPENED, OLYMPIC GAMES IN BERLIN ) 1936
228 News In A Nutshell Aka Italy Italian Army Exercises, Bridge Breaking At Breadsall, Beauty Queen Crowned At Eastbourne, Obstacle Race In France, Somersets Take Over From The Guards, Reception To Whitlock NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka ITALY) (ITALIAN ARMY EXERCISES, BRIDGE BREAKING AT BREADSALL, BEAUTY QUEEN CROWNED AT EASTBOURNE, OBSTACLE RACE IN FRANCE, SOMERSETS TAKE OVER FROM THE GUARDS, RECEPTION TO WHITLOCK) 1936
229 News In A Nutshell Aka The Oval Finish Of The Final Test Match At The Oval, Final S Of Double Sculling Olympic Race At Gruenau, U. S. Baby Parade. NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka THE OVAL) (FINISH OF THE FINAL TEST MATCH AT THE OVAL, FINAL S OF DOUBLE SCULLING OLYMPIC RACE AT GRUENAU, U. S. BABY PARADE). 1936
230 News In A Nutshell Sports At Grasmere, Shrewsbury Floral Fete, Children's Fishing Contest At Deal & St. Ives, Southsea - Ryde Swimming Race, Weymouth's New Fire Engine Christened NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (SPORTS AT GRASMERE, SHREWSBURY FLORAL FETE, CHILDREN'S FISHING CONTEST AT DEAL & ST. IVES, SOUTHSEA - RYDE SWIMMING RACE, WEYMOUTH'S NEW FIRE ENGINE CHRISTENED) 1936
231 News In A Nutshell Cannes Baby Show, Soap Box Derby In U.S., 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoons At Cliftonville, Football Match On The Mud At Southend, Emporer Haile Selassie At Woking, Boys International Golf At Birkdale NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (CANNES BABY SHOW, SOAP BOX DERBY IN U.S., 5TH ROYAL INNISKILLING DRAGOONS AT CLIFTONVILLE, FOOTBALL MATCH ON THE MUD AT SOUTHEND, EMPORER HAILE SELASSIE AT WOKING, BOYS INTERNATIONAL GOLF AT BIRKDALE) 1936
232 News In A Nutshell Sheep Dipping In North Wales, Scottish Quarry Blasting, Blasting The Marshland Outside Berlin, Belgian Royal Children In Sweden, Fishing From A Motor Car At Margate, Deauville Grand Prix, Motor Racing At Pescara NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (SHEEP DIPPING IN NORTH WALES, SCOTTISH QUARRY BLASTING, BLASTING THE MARSHLAND OUTSIDE BERLIN, BELGIAN ROYAL CHILDREN IN SWEDEN, FISHING FROM A MOTOR CAR AT MARGATE, DEAUVILLE GRAND PRIX, MOTOR RACING AT PESCARA) 1936
233 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
234 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
235 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
236 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
237 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
238 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
239 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
240 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
241 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
242 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
243 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
244 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
245 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
246 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
247 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
248 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
249 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
250 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
251 News In A Nutshell Aka Odessa Russian Provisions For Spain, U.S. Tug-Of-War In The Mud, Forest Fire At Oregon, Count Ciano In Austria, International Football In Russia NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka ODESSA) (RUSSIAN PROVISIONS FOR SPAIN, U.S. TUG-OF-WAR IN THE MUD, FOREST FIRE AT OREGON, COUNT CIANO IN AUSTRIA, INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL IN RUSSIA) 1936
252 News In A Nutshell Aka Holcombe, Near Bury Scott Motorcycle Trial, Vienna Police Demonstrate With Smoke Bombs, French Cabinet Minister's Funeral, Digging Up Christmas Trees At Woking And Christmas Turkeys, Angers Ravaged By Serious Fire, Million Ton Blast At Carrara, Corn Husking Competition In Usa, Brussel Sprout Picking Competition Near Evesham, Training Drum Majors In Berlin NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka HOLCOMBE, NEAR BURY) (SCOTT MOTORCYCLE TRIAL, VIENNA POLICE DEMONSTRATE WITH SMOKE BOMBS, FRENCH CABINET MINISTER'S FUNERAL, DIGGING UP CHRISTMAS TREES AT WOKING AND CHRISTMAS TURKEYS, ANGERS RAVAGED BY SERIOUS FIRE, MILLION TON BLAST AT CARRARA, CORN HUSKING COMPETITION IN USA, BRUSSEL SPROUT PICKING COMPETITION NEAR EVESHAM, TRAINING DRUM MAJORS IN BERLIN) 1936
253 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
254 News In A Nutshell Admiral Horthy Feted In Italy, St. Catherine's Day In Paris, Eton Wall Game, Brewery At Newbury Becomes Milk Depot, London University College Rag, Aftermath Of Crystal Palace Fire NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (ADMIRAL HORTHY FETED IN ITALY, ST. CATHERINE'S DAY IN PARIS, ETON WALL GAME, BREWERY AT NEWBURY BECOMES MILK DEPOT, LONDON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE RAG, AFTERMATH OF CRYSTAL PALACE FIRE) 1936
255 News In A Nutshell Seaton Delaval Receives Visit From Santa Claus, Skating In New York, Storing Ice For The Summer, Figure Skating In Munich, Cadet Manoeuvres In The Snow At Vermont, Parachuting For Fun In Warsaw NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (SEATON DELAVAL RECEIVES VISIT FROM SANTA CLAUS, SKATING IN NEW YORK, STORING ICE FOR THE SUMMER, FIGURE SKATING IN MUNICH, CADET MANOEUVRES IN THE SNOW AT VERMONT, PARACHUTING FOR FUN IN WARSAW) 1936
256 News In A Nutshell Circus Rehearsals At Ascot, Bishop Of Exeter Enthroned, Road Racing Track At Crystal Palace, Elephants For Film Work In Italy, Russia's New Type Of Motor Boat NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (CIRCUS REHEARSALS AT ASCOT, BISHOP OF EXETER ENTHRONED, ROAD RACING TRACK AT CRYSTAL PALACE, ELEPHANTS FOR FILM WORK IN ITALY, RUSSIA'S NEW TYPE OF MOTOR BOAT) 1936
257 News In A Nutshell Air Liner Tragedy At Croydon, Toy Fair In Paris, Sailors Home For Christmas Leave, Army V. Navy Football, Knights Of The Thistle Procession In Edinburgh, Big Fire In Massachusetts, Smithfield Club Cattle Show, Carnival Day In New York NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (AIR LINER TRAGEDY AT CROYDON, TOY FAIR IN PARIS, SAILORS HOME FOR CHRISTMAS LEAVE, ARMY V. NAVY FOOTBALL, KNIGHTS OF THE THISTLE PROCESSION IN EDINBURGH, BIG FIRE IN MASSACHUSETTS, SMITHFIELD CLUB CATTLE SHOW, CARNIVAL DAY IN NEW YORK) 1936
258 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
259 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
260 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1937
261 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1937
262 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
263 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1937
264 News In A Nutshell Students Rag In Liverpool, New President Of Cuba Elected, Rome Police Receives New Year Gifts, The War In Spain, Opening The New Gillette Factory At Isleworth, Manchester's Dog Home, Floods In North Wales & Comic Football In Germany NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (STUDENTS RAG IN LIVERPOOL, NEW PRESIDENT OF CUBA ELECTED, ROME POLICE RECEIVES NEW YEAR GIFTS, THE WAR IN SPAIN, OPENING THE NEW GILLETTE FACTORY AT ISLEWORTH, MANCHESTER'S DOG HOME, FLOODS IN NORTH WALES & COMIC FOOTBALL IN GERMANY 1937
265 News In A Nutshell Duckmanton Colliery Disaster, Berlin Police Stage Fire Drill Display, Miss Juliet Mccleod Marries Mr Paul Boggis, Skating Carnival In New York, King Of Siam Enjoys Winter Sports, Monaco's Army Reviewed, Wedding Of Miss Jeanette Montague Douglass Scott To Captain James Drummond Moray, Survivors Of 'trym' Landed At Newcastle, Transferring Gold In U.S. To Fort Knox, South Africa's Parliament Opened By Lord Clarendon, Ice Yachting In Berlin & Religious Festival In Calcutta NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (DUCKMANTON COLLIERY DISASTER, BERLIN POLICE STAGE FIRE DRILL DISPLAY, MISS JULIET McCLEOD MARRIES MR PAUL BOGGIS, SKATING CARNIVAL IN NEW YORK, KING OF SIAM ENJOYS WINTER SPORTS, MONACO'S ARMY REVIEWED, WEDDING OF MISS JEANETTE MONTAGUE DOUGLASS SCOTT TO CAPTAIN JAMES DRUMMOND MORAY, SURVIVORS OF 'TRYM' LANDED AT NEWCASTLE, TRANSFERRING GOLD IN U.S. TO FORT KNOX, SOUTH AFRICA'S PARLIAMENT OPENED BY LORD CLARENDON, ICE YACHTING IN BERLIN & RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL IN CALCUTTA 1937
266 News In A Nutshell Aka Costers Service At St. Mary Magdalene's Church NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka COSTERS SERVICE AT ST. MARY MAGDALENE'S CHURCH) 1937
267 News In A Nutshell Aka Chimney Felled At Bermondsey, Mummers Parade At Philadelphia, Survivors Of The French Trawler At Rotherhithe & Mountain Rescue Drama In Bavaria NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka CHIMNEY FELLED AT BERMONDSEY, MUMMERS PARADE AT PHILADELPHIA, SURVIVORS OF THE FRENCH TRAWLER AT ROTHERHITHE & MOUNTAIN RESCUE DRAMA IN BAVARIA) 1937
268 News In A Nutshell General Goering Is Welcomed In Rome, Perry V Vines At Madison Square Garden, Vienna's Carnival Ball & Fire In Islington Leather Factory NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (GENERAL GOERING IS WELCOMED IN ROME, PERRY V VINES AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, VIENNA'S CARNIVAL BALL & FIRE IN ISLINGTON LEATHER FACTORY) 1937
269 News In A Nutshell Parliament RE - Assembles, David Llewellyn's New Plane Christened At Luton, British Embassy Bombed In Madrid, Weiling The Sun At St. Moritz, Labour Discord & Perry V Vines NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (PARLIAMENT RE - ASSEMBLES, DAVID LLEWELLYN'S NEW PLANE CHRISTENED AT LUTON, BRITISH EMBASSY BOMBED IN MADRID, WEILING THE SUN AT ST. MORITZ, LABOUR DISCORD & PERRY V VINES) 1937
270 News In A Nutshell Students Rag In Glasgow, Jockeys Curling Match At St. Moritz, Walter Neusel And Jack Petersen In Training, New Air Mail Service To South Africa, American Race Horse Arrives To London Docks & Ice Breakers At Stettin NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (STUDENTS RAG IN GLASGOW, JOCKEYS CURLING MATCH AT ST. MORITZ, WALTER NEUSEL AND JACK PETERSEN IN TRAINING, NEW AIR MAIL SERVICE TO SOUTH AFRICA, AMERICAN RACE HORSE ARRIVES TO LONDON DOCKS & ICE BREAKERS AT STETTIN) 1937
271 News In A Nutshell South African Grand Prix, Their Majesties Return To London, Demonstration For Road Safety At Westway, Snow Scenes On Hampstead Heath, Commemoration Service To Charles I NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (SOUTH AFRICAN GRAND PRIX, THEIR MAJESTIES RETURN TO LONDON, DEMONSTRATION FOR ROAD SAFETY AT WESTWAY, SNOW SCENES ON HAMPSTEAD HEATH, COMMEMORATION SERVICE TO CHARLES I ) 1937
272 News In A Nutshell Sir Kingsley Wood Visits Dagenham, Motorcycle Race On The Ice At Prague, Nazi Regime Anniversary In Berlin & Davis Cup Draw In London NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (SIR KINGSLEY WOOD VISITS DAGENHAM, MOTORCYCLE RACE ON THE ICE AT PRAGUE, NAZI REGIME ANNIVERSARY IN BERLIN & DAVIS CUP DRAW IN LONDON) 1937
273 News In A Nutshell Preparations For Coronation Medals, Air Disaster In Scotland, Floods In The U.S., Pilgrim To Mecca, Scenes From Spain, Weddings In London, Jedburgh Hand Baa Game NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (PREPARATIONS FOR CORONATION MEDALS, AIR DISASTER IN SCOTLAND, FLOODS IN THE U.S., PILGRIM TO MECCA, SCENES FROM SPAIN, WEDDINGS IN LONDON, JEDBURGH HAND BAA GAME) 1937
274 News In A Nutshell Wedding Of Mussolini's Son & Bob Sleighing In The Italian Alps NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (WEDDING OF MUSSOLINI'S SON & BOB SLEIGHING IN THE ITALIAN ALPS) 1937
275 News In A Nutshell Shrovetide Games At Ashbourne, Broadstairs & Alnvick, Crufts Dog Show & Parachuting Near Marseilles NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (SHROVETIDE GAMES AT ASHBOURNE, BROADSTAIRS & ALNVICK, CRUFTS DOG SHOW & PARACHUTING NEAR MARSEILLES) 1937
276 News In A Nutshell Their Majesties Visit East London, New Type Gyroplane Demonstrated At Hanworth & Demonstration By Danish Gymnasts NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (THEIR MAJESTIES VISIT EAST LONDON, NEW TYPE GYROPLANE DEMONSTRATED AT HANWORTH & DEMONSTRATION BY DANISH GYMNASTS) 1937
277 News In A Nutshell Buoys Transported From Chepstow To Newport, Ladies Figure Skating Championship, Chester's New Roadway, Train Wreck Near Salford, Oil Cake Mills At Hull Burnt Out, Physical Fitness - Lord Aberdare At A Training Centre & Comedian On The Ice In Berlin NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (BUOYS TRANSPORTED FROM CHEPSTOW TO NEWPORT, LADIES FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP, CHESTER'S NEW ROADWAY, TRAIN WRECK NEAR SALFORD, OIL CAKE MILLS AT HULL BURNT OUT, PHYSICAL FITNESS - LORD ABERDARE AT A TRAINING CENTRE & COMEDIAN ON THE ICE IN BERLIN) 1937
278 Within News In A Nutshell Convicts Riots Lner, Mardi Gras Parade, America's Radiator Lover, Site For Government's New Aircraft Factory, President Roosevelt Supreme Court Fight WITHIN NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (CONVICTS RIOTS (LNER), MARDI GRAS PARADE, AMERICA'S RADIATOR LOVER, SITE FOR GOVERNMENT'S NEW AIRCRAFT FACTORY, PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT SUPREME COURT FIGHT) 1937
279 News In A Nutshell Essex Regiment Returns Home, Italy's New Prince, Meeanee Anniversary Celebrated At Chester, Australian Bicycle Polo, The Normandie's Challenge, Horse Racing In Rome, Palestine Heroes Decorated By Colonel At Catterick & Carnival At Viaregio NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (ESSEX REGIMENT RETURNS HOME, ITALY'S NEW PRINCE, MEEANEE ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATED AT CHESTER, AUSTRALIAN BICYCLE POLO, THE NORMANDIE'S CHALLENGE, HORSE RACING IN ROME, PALESTINE HEROES DECORATED BY COLONEL AT CATTERICK & CARNIVAL AT VIAREGIO) 1937
280 News In A Nutshell Mardi Gras Carnival In New Orleans, Two Plane Crashes - San Francisco And Dover, P.C. Bill Waite Marries Miss Jane Chapman, Yale Varsity Crew In Training, King Of The Belgians Visits Mining Districts Of Mons, Oxford V Cambridge Hockey At Beckenham, Peace Pact & Arrivals For Catholic Congress In Manila NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (MARDI GRAS CARNIVAL IN NEW ORLEANS, TWO PLANE CRASHES - SAN FRANCISCO AND DOVER, P.C. BILL WAITE MARRIES MISS JANE CHAPMAN, YALE VARSITY CREW IN TRAINING, KING OF THE BELGIANS VISITS MINING DISTRICTS OF MONS, OXFORD V CAMBRIDGE HOCKEY AT BECKENHAM, PEACE PACT & ARRIVALS FOR CATHOLIC CONGRESS IN MANILA) 1937
281 News In A Nutshell America's New Tanks, Llewellyn Leaves Croydon For Another Attempt On The Cape & Back Record, Java Festivals, Juvenile Boxers In Florida, New Cheap Type Plane Demonstrated At Romford, Colmore Trophy Title, International Rugby - Ireland V Scotland, Fitting Out Endeavour Ii, Cross Country Race At Farningham, Ice Skating In Vienna, Male Beauty Contest At Miami Beach, Princess Juliana & Prince Bernhard At Zell-Am-See & Eucharistic Congress In Philippine Islands NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (AMERICA'S NEW TANKS, LLEWELLYN LEAVES CROYDON FOR ANOTHER ATTEMPT ON THE CAPE & BACK RECORD, JAVA FESTIVALS, JUVENILE BOXERS IN FLORIDA, NEW CHEAP TYPE PLANE DEMONSTRATED AT ROMFORD, COLMORE TROPHY TITLE, INTERNATIONAL RUGBY - IRELAND V SCOTLAND, FITTING OUT ENDEAVOUR II, CROSS COUNTRY RACE AT FARNINGHAM, ICE SKATING IN VIENNA, MALE BEAUTY CONTEST AT MIAMI BEACH, PRINCESS JULIANA & PRINCE BERNHARD AT ZELL-AM-SEE & EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS IN PHILIPPINE ISLANDS) 1937
282 News In A Nutshell Plague Of Locusts In Johannesburg, Frozen River In Czechoslovakia, New York Skating Championship At Lake Placid, Family Of 14 Near Uxbridge, Snow In Washington, Trains In Collision At Langley, Mr William Vanderbilt's New Air Liner, America's Winter Carnival At Dartmouth & Bobby's Birthday NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS IN JOHANNESBURG, FROZEN RIVER IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA, NEW YORK SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP AT LAKE PLACID, FAMILY OF 14 NEAR UXBRIDGE, SNOW IN WASHINGTON, TRAINS IN COLLISION AT LANGLEY, MR WILLIAM VANDERBILT'S NEW AIR LINER, AMERICA'S WINTER CARNIVAL AT DARTMOUTH & BOBBY'S BIRTHDAY) 1937
283 News In A Nutshell Work Progressing On The Paris International Exhibition, Foord And Farr In Training, Italian Army Manoeuvres, Cliff Fall At Dover, Oranges And Lemons Celebrated At Mentone, Church Wall Lifted At Budapest, Luxury Motor Yacht Launched On The Thames & Interview With Mr. Tom Walls At Ewell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (WORK PROGRESSING ON THE PARIS INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, FOORD AND FARR IN TRAINING, ITALIAN ARMY MANOEUVRES, CLIFF FALL AT DOVER, ORANGES AND LEMONS CELEBRATED AT MENTONE, CHURCH WALL LIFTED AT BUDAPEST, LUXURY MOTOR YACHT LAUNCHED ON THE THAMES & INTERVIEW WITH MR. TOM WALLS AT EWELL) 1937
284 News In A Nutshell Hunting With Sealyhams In Herts, The Mar-Contabrico Fired In The Bay Of Biscay, Lion Of Judah In Rome, Bathing In Icy Water At Estonia, Sir Kingsley Wood Opens Exeter's 2000th Council House, New Kind Of Golf Game In Florida, Parachute Jumping Extraordinary In France, Italian Children Begin Military Training At Age Of 6, French Naval Cadets At Brest, Dorothy Round's Engagement Announced, Max Baer Comes To London, All Night Blizzard In Kent, Sports At Oxford And Cambridge, Celebrating The Garibaldi Anniversary In Paris & Oxford Crew In Training NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (HUNTING WITH SEALYHAMS IN HERTS, THE MAR-CONTABRICO FIRED IN THE BAY OF BISCAY, LION OF JUDAH IN ROME, BATHING IN ICY WATER AT ESTONIA, SIR KINGSLEY WOOD OPENS EXETER'S 2000th COUNCIL HOUSE, NEW KIND OF GOLF GAME IN FLORIDA, PARACHUTE JUMPING EXTRAORDINARY IN FRANCE, ITALIAN CHILDREN BEGIN MILITARY TRAINING AT AGE OF 6, FRENCH NAVAL CADETS AT BREST, DOROTHY ROUND'S ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED, MAX BAER COMES TO LONDON, ALL NIGHT BLIZZARD IN KENT, SPORTS AT OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE, CELEBRATING THE GARIBALDI ANNIVERSARY IN PARIS & OXFORD CREW IN TRAINING) 1937
285 News In A Nutshell National Cross Country Race At Stratford, Old Time Custom Of Distributing Bread At Reading, Peter - The Abandoned Baby, International Women's Hockey At Trentbridge, Blizzard In The Midlands, Wedding Of Miss Margaret Kelly & Capt. Henley At Saltburn, Snow Plough At Work In Estonia, Mid Lent Carnival At Lodeve, Changing The Guard Ceremony In Java, Motorcycle Football In Australia, New Traffic Signal Introduced By Minister Of Transport NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (NATIONAL CROSS COUNTRY RACE AT STRATFORD, OLD TIME CUSTOM OF DISTRIBUTING BREAD AT READING, PETER - THE ABANDONED BABY, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S HOCKEY AT TRENTBRIDGE, BLIZZARD IN THE MIDLANDS, WEDDING OF MISS MARGARET KELLY & CAPT. HENLEY AT SALTBURN, SNOW PLOUGH AT WORK IN ESTONIA, MID LENT CARNIVAL AT LODEVE, CHANGING THE GUARD CEREMONY IN JAVA, MOTORCYCLE FOOTBALL IN AUSTRALIA, NEW TRAFFIC SIGNAL INTRODUCED BY MINISTER OF TRANSPORT) 1937
286 News In A Nutshell Aka Wolves V Sunderland Replay At Sheffield NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka WOLVES V SUNDERLAND REPLAY AT SHEFFIELD) 1937
287 News In A Nutshell Ice Jam Blocks Niagara Falls AKA Niagara Falls Frozen Solid , Scenes On Aintree Sunday, Ships In Collision At San Francisco, Soap Box Derby In South Africa, Wedding Of Hon. Joan Milne In Tower Of London, Landslide At Folkestone, French Rail Smash, Shamrock Presented To The Irish Guards, The King Visits Duchy Of Cornwall Estate, Lincolnshire Handicap, Grand National Sweepstakes Draw NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ( ICE JAM BLOCKS NIAGARA FALLS ( aka NIAGARA FALLS FROZEN SOLID ), SCENES ON AINTREE SUNDAY, SHIPS IN COLLISION AT SAN FRANCISCO, SOAP BOX DERBY IN SOUTH AFRICA, WEDDING OF HON. JOAN MILNE IN TOWER OF LONDON, LANDSLIDE AT FOLKESTONE, FRENCH RAIL SMASH, SHAMROCK PRESENTED TO THE IRISH GUARDS, THE KING VISITS DUCHY OF CORNWALL ESTATE, LINCOLNSHIRE HANDICAP, GRAND NATIONAL SWEEPSTAKES DRAW ) 1937
288 News In A Nutshell Demolition Of Warehouses On Tower Hill, Blazing Freighter In Boston, Disastrous Floods In The Fen Country Aka Fenland Floods, Irish Kennel Club Show & St. Patrick's Day Parade In Dublin NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (DEMOLITION OF WAREHOUSES ON TOWER HILL, BLAZING FREIGHTER IN BOSTON, DISASTROUS FLOODS IN THE FEN COUNTRY (aka FENLAND FLOODS), IRISH KENNEL CLUB SHOW & ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE IN DUBLIN) 1937
289 News In A Nutshell Normandie Recaptures The Blue Ribbon, The German Army Parades Before General Von Blomberg, Site For Glasgow's 1938 Exhibition, Erecting Coronation Poles In The Mall, Steamer Ablaze Off Holyhead, Submarines Visit Gloucester, Mysterious Disappearance Of Duchess Of Bedford, The Boat Race 1937 NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (NORMANDIE RECAPTURES THE BLUE RIBBON, THE GERMAN ARMY PARADES BEFORE GENERAL VON BLOMBERG, SITE  FOR GLASGOW'S 1938 EXHIBITION, ERECTING CORONATION POLES IN THE MALL, STEAMER ABLAZE OFF HOLYHEAD, SUBMARINES VISIT GLOUCESTER, MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF DUCHESS OF BEDFORD, THE BOAT RACE 1937) 1937
290 News In A Nutshell Model Boats Launched In Berlin, Skiing On Straw, Spanish Refugees, Sir Kingsley Wood Speaks On Government's Plan For New Pensions Bill, Cross Country International In Brussels, Air Disaster Near Ouroux & Germany's New Catapult Flying Boat NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (MODEL BOATS LAUNCHED IN BERLIN, SKIING ON STRAW, SPANISH REFUGEES, SIR KINGSLEY WOOD SPEAKS ON GOVERNMENT'S PLAN FOR NEW PENSIONS BILL, CROSS COUNTRY INTERNATIONAL IN BRUSSELS, AIR DISASTER NEAR OUROUX & GERMANY'S NEW CATAPULT FLYING BOAT) 1937
291 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1937
292 News In A Nutshell Auteuil President's Prize, Boxing By Members In Germany, Austrian Officers Graduation, England V France - Hockey, Rapid City Snow Scenes, Fascists Anniversary Celebration, Giant Liners In New York NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (AUTEUIL PRESIDENT'S PRIZE, BOXING BY MEMBERS IN GERMANY, AUSTRIAN OFFICERS GRADUATION, ENGLAND V FRANCE - HOCKEY, RAPID CITY SNOW SCENES, FASCISTS ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, GIANT LINERS IN NEW YORK) 1937
293 News In A Nutshell German Fire Brigade, Chelsea Wedding, Colorado Dust Storm, Carnivals On The Riviera, Monte Carlo Fete, Duchess Of Gloucester At Marylebone, Thief Proof Bag, Duke Of Kent With Life Boatmen, Six A Side Hockey, Russian Quads, Max Baer In Training & Tommy Farr In Training NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (GERMAN FIRE BRIGADE, CHELSEA WEDDING, COLORADO DUST STORM, CARNIVALS ON THE RIVIERA, MONTE CARLO FETE, DUCHESS OF GLOUCESTER AT MARYLEBONE, THIEF PROOF BAG, DUKE OF KENT WITH LIFE BOATMEN, SIX A SIDE HOCKEY, RUSSIAN QUADS, MAX BAER IN TRAINING & TOMMY FARR IN TRAINING) 1937
294 News In A Nutshell 'majestic', Playground Open, Queen Mary - Hippodrome, Minnesota Strike, General Chauvel Arrives, Australian V.C.'s Funeral In London, Royal Mint, Vienna Glider, Strike Demonstration In Detroit, Hill Climb In Sidcup, Erecting International Radio Masts, New York Model Exhibition, New Jersey Parachuters, Spring Storms Warning NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ('MAJESTIC', PLAYGROUND OPEN, QUEEN MARY - HIPPODROME, MINNESOTA STRIKE, GENERAL CHAUVEL ARRIVES, AUSTRALIAN V.C.'S FUNERAL IN LONDON, ROYAL MINT, VIENNA GLIDER, STRIKE DEMONSTRATION IN DETROIT, HILL CLIMB IN SIDCUP, ERECTING INTERNATIONAL RADIO MASTS, NEW YORK MODEL EXHIBITION, NEW JERSEY PARACHUTERS, SPRING STORMS WARNING) 1937
295 News In A Nutshell Duke Of Kent Visits Bolsover, German Warship At Torquay, Endeavour II Launched, Coronation Coach, National Hunt Steeplechase, Gloucester Cricket Club Prepares For Coming Season, French Mackintosh Fashion Parade, Lord And Lady Baden-Powell At Tilbury, New Arrival At Paris Zoo, Coronation Procession Rehearsal & Richmond Floods NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (DUKE OF KENT VISITS BOLSOVER, GERMAN WARSHIP AT TORQUAY, ENDEAVOUR II LAUNCHED, CORONATION COACH, NATIONAL HUNT STEEPLECHASE, GLOUCESTER CRICKET CLUB PREPARES FOR COMING SEASON, FRENCH MACKINTOSH FASHION PARADE, LORD AND LADY BADEN-POWELL AT TILBURY, NEW ARRIVAL AT PARIS ZOO, CORONATION PROCESSION REHEARSAL & RICHMOND FLOODS) 1937
296 News In A Nutshell New Bridge In St. James' Park, King Farouk Arrives In London, Duke Of Kent Visits Printing Works In Watford, City And Suburban Handicap, Dirt Track Racing In Vienna & 6 Day Cycle Race NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (NEW BRIDGE IN ST. JAMES' PARK, KING FAROUK ARRIVES IN LONDON, DUKE OF KENT VISITS PRINTING WORKS IN WATFORD, CITY AND SUBURBAN HANDICAP, DIRT TRACK RACING IN VIENNA & 6 DAY CYCLE RACE) 1937
297 News In A Nutshell Women Wrestlers In Washington, Hitler's Birthday Celebrations, Rigging Out The 'yankee' In Massachusetts, Making Coronation Medals At Royal Mint, Air Display At Cairo, Shakespeare's Birthday Celebrations, Road Racing Circuit Opened At Crystal Palace NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (WOMEN WRESTLERS IN WASHINGTON, HITLER'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, RIGGING OUT THE 'YANKEE' IN MASSACHUSETTS, MAKING CORONATION MEDALS AT ROYAL MINT, AIR DISPLAY AT CAIRO, SHAKESPEARE'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, ROAD RACING CIRCUIT OPENED AT CRYSTAL PALACE)
298 News In A Nutshell Bird Man Falls To Death, Hard Courts Lawn Tennis Championship At Bournemouth, Wedding Of Lady Rachel Douglas Home And Lord William Montagy Douglas Scott, Rehearsal Of Pages For The Coronation, Us Navy Juniors In Action, Nottingham University Rag, Crystal Palace Road Race, Italian Alpine Troops, Golden Gate Bridge Nears Completion, Lambing Season In Minnesota NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (BIRD MAN FALLS TO DEATH, HARD COURTS LAWN TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP AT BOURNEMOUTH, WEDDING OF LADY RACHEL DOUGLAS HOME AND LORD WILLIAM MONTAGY DOUGLAS SCOTT, REHEARSAL OF PAGES FOR THE CORONATION, US NAVY JUNIORS IN ACTION, NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY RAG, CRYSTAL PALACE ROAD RACE, ITALIAN ALPINE TROOPS, GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE NEARS COMPLETION, LAMBING SEASON IN MINNESOTA) 1937
299 News In A Nutshell New Zealand V China Tennis At Whithdean, Duke Of Gloucester In Edinburgh, Balalaika Girls At Chiswick Baths, Mass Weddings In Italy, Rehearsal Of Arethusa Boys, Lamp Standards Removed For Coronation, Canadian Mounted Police Coronation Contingent, Duke Of Kent Opens New Headquarters Of The Department Of Civil Aviation, Endeavour II Leaves Gosport For Us, Brooklands Race Meeting For The Campbell Trophy, Punchestawn Races, London Fire Brigade Drill, Us Cadets Spring Parade NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (NEW ZEALAND V CHINA TENNIS AT WHITHDEAN, DUKE OF GLOUCESTER IN EDINBURGH, BALALAIKA GIRLS AT CHISWICK BATHS, MASS WEDDINGS IN ITALY, REHEARSAL OF ARETHUSA BOYS, LAMP STANDARDS REMOVED FOR CORONATION, CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE CORONATION CONTINGENT, DUKE OF KENT OPENS NEW HEADQUARTERS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION, ENDEAVOUR II LEAVES GOSPORT FOR US, BROOKLANDS RACE MEETING FOR THE CAMPBELL TROPHY, PUNCHESTAWN RACES, LONDON FIRE BRIGADE DRILL, US CADETS SPRING PARADE) 1937
300 News In A Nutshell South African Floods, Us Tennis Champion Alice Marble At Surbiton, German Field Marshal At Andover, Japanese Wedding In Tokyo, Italian Empire Anniversary Aka Italian Empire Review, Kentucky Derby NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (SOUTH AFRICAN FLOODS, US TENNIS CHAMPION ALICE MARBLE AT SURBITON, GERMAN FIELD MARSHAL AT ANDOVER, JAPANESE WEDDING IN TOKYO, ITALIAN EMPIRE ANNIVERSARY (aka ITALIAN EMPIRE REVIEW), KENTUCKY DERBY) 1937
301 News In A Nutshell Piccard's Balloon Destroyed By Fire, Mr Baldwin Retires, Death Of Rockefeller, British Empire Cup At Northolt Park NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (PICCARD'S BALLOON DESTROYED BY FIRE, MR BALDWIN RETIRES, DEATH OF ROCKEFELLER, BRITISH EMPIRE CUP AT NORTHOLT PARK) 1937
302 News In A Nutshell London Without Busses, Boys Camp In Germany, Pets Corner Opened At London Zoo, Stamps Of New Reign For The Coronation, Demolition Of Penyrheol Viaduct, H.F. Broadbent Breaks Record For Solo Flight From Australia, H.L. Brook Creates New Cape & Back Record, Sideways Launch On River Danube, HMS Indus Arrives In Thames, Glasgow Boys Brigade, Genoa - Roller Skating, Michigan Strike, International Football In Germany, New Road At Stockton NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (LONDON WITHOUT BUSSES, BOYS CAMP IN GERMANY, PETS CORNER OPENED AT LONDON ZOO, STAMPS OF NEW REIGN FOR THE CORONATION, DEMOLITION OF PENYRHEOL VIADUCT, H.F. BROADBENT BREAKS RECORD FOR SOLO FLIGHT FROM AUSTRALIA, H.L. BROOK CREATES NEW CAPE & BACK RECORD, SIDEWAYS LAUNCH ON RIVER DANUBE, H.M.S. INDUS ARRIVES IN THAMES, GLASGOW BOYS BRIGADE, GENOA - ROLLER SKATING, MICHIGAN STRIKE, INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL IN GERMANY, NEW ROAD AT STOCKTON) 1937
303 News In A Nutshell The Hindenburg Crashes, Boy Scouts Prepare To Sell Coronation Programmes, May Day Scenes In Elstow, Montlhery Motor Car Racing, Montlhery Racing NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (THE HINDENBURG CRASHES, BOY SCOUTS PREPARE TO SELL CORONATION PROGRAMMES, MAY DAY SCENES IN ELSTOW, MONTLHERY MOTOR CAR RACING, MONTLHERY RACING) 1937
304 News In A Nutshell Sidcup, Philadelphia, Poland NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (SIDCUP, PHILADELPHIA, POLAND) 1937
305 News In A Nutshell Blindfold Motorist Drives Through Buxton, Anti Gas Demonstrations In Lambeth, Sheep Shearing In Hyde Park, Tennis At Forest Hill NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (BLINDFOLD MOTORIST DRIVES THROUGH BUXTON, ANTI GAS DEMONSTRATIONS IN LAMBETH, SHEEP SHEARING IN HYDE PARK, TENNIS AT FOREST HILL) 1937
306 News In A Nutshell Largest Larch Tree Felled In Northumberland, Mannequin Parade At Morecambe, New Aerodrome Opened At Manchester, P. & O. Liner Launched At Barrow, Cycling Meet At Crystal Palace, First Women Test Cricket At Northampton, Glasgow Police Inspected, His Majesty's State Drive To Windsor, Bermuda Clipper & Mystery Tanks NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (LARGEST LARCH TREE FELLED IN NORTHUMBERLAND, MANNEQUIN PARADE AT MORECAMBE, NEW AERODROME OPENED AT MANCHESTER, P. & O. LINER LAUNCHED AT BARROW, CYCLING MEET AT CRYSTAL PALACE, FIRST WOMEN TEST CRICKET AT NORTHAMPTON, GLASGOW POLICE INSPECTED, HIS MAJESTY'S STATE DRIVE TO WINDSOR, BERMUDA CLIPPER & MYSTERY TANKS) 1937
307 News In A Nutshell International Regatta For Model Boats, Final Trials For The America's Cup, The Royal Fusiliers In Paris, Train Wreck Near Durham, Junior Tt Races In Isle Of Man, Farr Too Good At Harringay AKA Farr V Neusel, Ladies Bowling Match At Hastings, Royal Ascot NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (INTERNATIONAL REGATTA FOR MODEL BOATS, FINAL TRIALS FOR THE AMERICA'S CUP, THE ROYAL FUSILIERS IN PARIS, TRAIN WRECK NEAR DURHAM, JUNIOR TT RACES IN ISLE OF MAN, FARR TOO GOOD AT HARRINGAY aka FARR  V NEUSEL, LADIES BOWLING MATCH AT HASTINGS, ROYAL ASCOT) 1937
308 News In A Nutshell New Telephone Cable Across Loch Awe, Ex-Servicemen's Protest In Brussels, Lord Mayor's Coach Leaves For Paris, Common Riding In Selkirk, Warehouse Fire At Elephant And Castle, Cleveland Swimming Display, Baron Von Neurath In Budapest, Paris Exhibition AKA Paris Illuminations, Police Jamboree In New York NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ( NEW TELEPHONE CABLE ACROSS LOCH AWE, EX-SERVICEMEN'S PROTEST IN BRUSSELS, LORD MAYOR'S COACH LEAVES FOR PARIS, COMMON RIDING IN SELKIRK, WAREHOUSE FIRE AT ELEPHANT AND CASTLE, CLEVELAND SWIMMING DISPLAY, BARON VON NEURATH IN BUDAPEST, PARIS EXHIBITION aka PARIS ILLUMINATIONS, POLICE JAMBOREE IN NEW YORK ) 1937
309 News In A Nutshell Speedboat Christened On Loch Lomond, Sit Down Strike In Lion's Den, Wireless Masts Felled In South Africa, Freak Hill Climb At Scarborough, One Armed Golfers Match At St. Andrews, Alexandra Rose Day Scenes, First Royal Garden Party Of The Reign, Bicycle Polo At Hurlingham, Irish Volunteers Return From Spain, Utah Plane Crash, Blackpool's Cotton Queen NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (SPEEDBOAT CHRISTENED ON LOCH LOMOND, SIT DOWN STRIKE IN LION'S DEN, WIRELESS MASTS FELLED IN SOUTH AFRICA, FREAK HILL CLIMB AT SCARBOROUGH, ONE ARMED GOLFERS MATCH AT ST. ANDREWS, ALEXANDRA ROSE DAY SCENES, FIRST ROYAL GARDEN PARTY OF THE REIGN, BICYCLE POLO AT HURLINGHAM, IRISH VOLUNTEERS RETURN FROM SPAIN, UTAH PLANE CRASH, BLACKPOOL'S COTTON QUEEN) 1937
310 News In A Nutshell Physical Culture Display At Cambridge, Funeral Of Sir James Barrie, Fishing Fleet Blessed In Brittany, Vaudeville Golf At Broxbourne, Sun Eclipse In Peruvian Mountains, New Zealand V. England At Lords, Testing New Rigging And Sail On Endeavour Ii, R.A.F. Display At Hendon, His Majesty Reviews Ex-Service Men And Women & Auteuil Steeplechase NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ( PHYSICAL CULTURE DISPLAY AT CAMBRIDGE, FUNERAL OF SIR JAMES BARRIE, FISHING FLEET BLESSED IN BRITTANY, VAUDEVILLE GOLF AT BROXBOURNE, SUN ECLIPSE IN PERUVIAN MOUNTAINS, NEW ZEALAND V. ENGLAND AT LORDS, TESTING NEW RIGGING AND SAIL ON ENDEAVOUR II, R.A.F. DISPLAY AT HENDON, HIS MAJESTY REVIEWS EX-SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN & AUTEUIL STEEPLECHASE ) 1937
311 News In A Nutshell Wimbledon Championship - 5th Round & Kansas College Rag NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIP - 5TH ROUND & KANSAS COLLEGE RAG) 1937
312 News In A Nutshell Pageantry In Wicklow, Singapore's New Air Base Opened, Train Smash At Swanley Junction, Young American In An 'iron Lung', Brixham Regatta, Russian Monoplane Arrives At Vancouver, Italy - Medieval Pageant NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (PAGEANTRY IN WICKLOW, SINGAPORE'S NEW AIR BASE OPENED, TRAIN SMASH AT SWANLEY JUNCTION, YOUNG AMERICAN IN AN 'IRON LUNG', BRIXHAM REGATTA, RUSSIAN MONOPLANE ARRIVES AT VANCOUVER, ITALY - MEDIEVAL PAGEANT) 1937
313 News In A Nutshell Naval Society Wedding At Buriton, Competition Of Long Hair At Cliftonville, Aldershot Show, Pit Disaster At Stoke On Trent NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (NAVAL SOCIETY WEDDING AT BURITON, COMPETITION OF LONG HAIR AT CLIFTONVILLE, ALDERSHOT SHOW, PIT DISASTER AT STOKE ON TRENT) 1937
314 News In A Nutshell The Cumberland Plate, Irish Free State General Election, Flying Display At Hatfield NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (THE CUMBERLAND PLATE, IRISH FREE STATE GENERAL ELECTION, FLYING DISPLAY AT HATFIELD) 1937
315 News In A Nutshell Costers Derby At Kensington Gardens, Open Golf Championship At Carnoustie , Princess Royal Inspects Girl Guides At Sandringham, Mary Pickford And Buddy Rogers Married In California, Oxford And Cambridge At Lord's, Bourneville Lido Opened, Hudson River Regatta NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (COSTERS DERBY AT KENSINGTON GARDENS, OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP AT CARNOUSTIE , PRINCESS ROYAL INSPECTS GIRL GUIDES AT SANDRINGHAM, MARY PICKFORD AND BUDDY ROGERS MARRIED IN CALIFORNIA, OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE AT LORD'S, BOURNEVILLE LIDO OPENED, HUDSON RIVER REGATTA) 1937
316 News In A Nutshell Warspite Inspection At Grays, New Road In France, New Police Headquarters At Manchester, Gymnastic Display In Italy, King's Cup Shooting At Bisley, Making Work Play Aka Packing To Music In London Factory NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (WARSPITE INSPECTION AT GRAYS, NEW ROAD IN FRANCE, NEW POLICE HEADQUARTERS AT MANCHESTER, GYMNASTIC DISPLAY IN ITALY, KING'S CUP SHOOTING AT BISLEY, MAKING WORK PLAY (aka PACKING TO MUSIC IN LONDON FACTORY) 1937
317 News In A Nutshell Aka Brewery Fire At Brisbane, Their Majesties At The Royal Tournament, His Majesty Holds A Levee At St James' Palace, Coronation Scot Streamlined Engine, Flanagan And Allen Do A Little Cooking In Oxford Circus NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka BREWERY FIRE AT BRISBANE, THEIR MAJESTIES AT THE ROYAL TOURNAMENT, HIS MAJESTY HOLDS A LEVEE AT ST JAMES' PALACE, CORONATION SCOT STREAMLINED ENGINE, FLANAGAN AND ALLEN DO A LITTLE COOKING IN OXFORD CIRCUS) 1937
318 News In A Nutshell Coaching Meet In Hyde Park, Reclaiming Williamston's Mountain, Cyclists Rally At Alexandra Palace, The Rainbow And Endeavour II At Rhode Island Us, German Battleship Deutschland NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (COACHING MEET IN HYDE PARK, RECLAIMING WILLIAMSTON'S MOUNTAIN, CYCLISTS RALLY AT ALEXANDRA PALACE, THE RAINBOW AND ENDEAVOUR II AT RHODE ISLAND US, GERMAN BATTLESHIP DEUTSCHLAND) 1937
319 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1939
320 News In A Nutshell Aka Mr Macdonald At Greenwich Fuel Research Station NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka MR MACDONALD AT GREENWICH FUEL RESEARCH STATION) 1935
321 Ramsgate AKA News In A Nutshell RAMSGATE ( aka NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ) 1936
322 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
323 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1934
324 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1930
325 Relaying Jo'burg's Cricket News In A Nutshell RELAYING JO'BURG'S CRICKET (NEWS IN A NUTSHELL) 1935
326 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
327 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
328 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
329 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1935
330 News In A Nutshell - England V India AKA All India Xi V "Tich Freemans Xi NEWS IN A NUTSHELL - ENGLAND v INDIA aka ALL INDIA XI V 1936
331 News In A Nutshell NEWS IN A NUTSHELL 1936
332 News In A Nutshell Eton V Harrow NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ( ETON V HARROW ) 1936
333 News In A Nutshell Aka The Oval Finish Of The Final Test Match At The Oval NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (aka THE OVAL ) ( FINISH OF THE FINAL TEST MATCH AT THE OVAL ) 1936
334 News In A Nutshell AKA Ashdown Kent Cricketer NEWS IN A NUTSHELL aka ASHDOWN KENT CRICKETER 1936
335 News In A Nutshell AKA Cricketer Weds NEWS IN A NUTSHELL aka CRICKETER WEDS 1937
336 News In A Nutshell AKA Gloucester Cricket Club NEWS IN A NUTSHELL aka GLOUCESTER CRICKET CLUB 1937
337 News In A Nutshell Windsor Gt. Park Cricket AKA Cricket At Frogmore NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ( WINDSOR GT. PARK CRICKET aka  CRICKET AT FROGMORE 1937
338 News In A Nutshell First Women Test Cricket At Northampton NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ( FIRST WOMEN TEST CRICKET AT NORTHAMPTON ) 1937
339 News In A Nutshell Includes England V New Zealand Cricket NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (includes ENGLAND v NEW ZEALAND CRICKET ) 1937
340 News In A Nutshell Includes Oxford And Cambridge At Lord's NEWS IN A NUTSHELL (includes OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE AT LORD'S ) 1937