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Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

Page last updated 19/01/2017 10:40

Piccadilly Circus
For the first time in 100 years the Piccadilly Circus lights are being switched off for redevelopment. This collection shows the famous lights.
Live By Night
Ben Affleck’s new film takes place in the prohibition era, so why not delve back in time with these prohibition clips.
Tokyo Rose Pardoned
19 January will mark 40 years since President Ford issued the pardon. Here we look back at footage of Tokyo Rose when she was first accused.
The Inauguration
Donald Trump will officially be President on 20 January. That’ll be exactly 80 years since FDR’s, inauguration. Watch FDR’s along with previous President’s inaugurations here.
The Wannsee Conference
Took place 75 years ago on 20 January. It was here where the Final Solution was discussed, which ultimately resulted in the Holocaust. The following films document the events.
Natalie Portman will be taking on the role of Jackie Kennedy in this Oscar tipped film, which is hitting our screens on 20 January. Watch the real Jackie Kennedy Onassis here.
Princess Caroline of Monaco
Princess Caroline, Daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier will be turning 60 on 23 January. Here we look at footage of her when she was very young.
Burns Night
Burns night will be celebrated on 25 January. So why not take a look back at these clips relating to the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns.
Apollo I
27 January will mark 50 years since Apollo I burst into flames killing the astronauts inside. The following newsreels document the story of Apollo I.
Hacksaw Ridge
Mel Gibson releases his WW2 film, telling the story of an army medic who served at the Battle of Okinawa, on 27 January. This collection looks at the events of Okinawa.
Chinese New Year
On 29 January Chinese New Year celebrations will be taking place across the world. Check out these old school celebrations from the archive.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Born
One of America’s best loved president’s FDR was born 135 years ago on 30 January. Watch the man himself here.

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