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Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

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The Election
With election campaigns now in full swing why not have a look at our selection of general election clips and issues.
Nuclear Tensions
Are at a high between North Korea and the United States at the moment. This collection looks at a history of nuclear threat from the archive.
The French Election
Who will become the 9th president of France’s Fifth Republic? This film shows the formation of the Fifth Republic in 1948 under De Gaulle, which saw a strengthened presidency.
Ella Fitzgerald Born
AKA the Queen of Jazz was born 100 years ago on 25 April. Check out footage of the legendary jazz singer here.
Bombing of Guernica
26 April will mark 80 years since the Luftwaffe bombed Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. The following newsreel documents the civil war.
First US Rocket Lands on Moon
The Ranger IV landed on the far side of the moon 55 years ago on 6 April. Take a look at the rocket’s lift off.
Muhammad Ali Refuses to Fight in Vietnam
28 April will mark 50 years since Muhammad Ali refused the US Army draft and subsequently lost his world title. Watch the newsreel report here.
Senator Joseph McCarthy
Passed away 60 years ago on 2 May. A key figure in Cold War politics, look back at McCarthy through these video clips.
J. Edgar Hoover
2 May will also mark 45 years since J. Edgar Hoover’s death. Here we look at archive footage of the former FBI director.
Maiden Voyage of World’s First Jet Airliner
The Comet G-Alyp took flight for the first time 65 years ago on 2 May. Relive its maiden voyage here.
Badminton Horse Trials
Will begin on 3 May. Watch our vintage clips looking at previous Badminton Horse Trials.
Battle of the Coral Sea
4 May will mark 75 years since the World War Two battle that took place in the Pacific. This collection documents the battle.
Hindenburg Disaster
On 6 May it will be 80 years since the Hindenburg zeppelin crashed. Pathé caught the tragedy on camera.
Philippines Surrender to Japan
6 May will mark 75 years since US forces in the Philippines surrendered to Japan. Watch these clips relating to the events.

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