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Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

Page last updated 15/02/2017 10:29

A Revival of Russian Monarchy?
A Russian millionaire is in talks to re-establish an alternative Russia on three uninhabited islands with hopes to revive the Russian monarchy. Here is the original Romanov family.
The Fall of Singapore
British troops surrendered Singapore 75 years ago on 15 February. Look back at the events.
George VI’s Funeral
15 February will mark 65 years since George VI’s funeral took place in London. This newsreel reports on the day.
Hidden Figures
Oscar tipped Hidden Figures is out now. Documenting the African American women who helped John Glenn into orbit 55 years ago this February, watch footage of his mission here.
London Fashion Week
Fashionistas at the ready, London Fashion Week begins on 17 February. Delve back in time to former fashion week’s with these retro clips.
The Volkswagen Beetle
45 years ago on 17 February the Beetle became the world’s best selling car, so why not watch these vintage Beetle newsreels.
J. Robert Oppenheimer Dies
The man known as the ‘Father of the atomic bomb’ passed away 50 years ago on 18 February. Watch a clip of him here.
Edward Kennedy
AKA Teddy Kennedy was born 85 years ago on 22 February. Take a look back at the following films of the man himself.
Hindenburg Line
23 February will mark 100 years since the event. These newsreels report on the Hindenburg Line.
The Zimmerman Note is Presented to the US Ambassador
100 years ago on 24 February. The note acted as a major catalyst in America joining the First World War. So why not look back at our America and World War I collection.
The Oscars
The most exciting event of the film calendar year, get ready for the Academy Awards on 26 February! Watch Oscar ceremonies from the archive.
Mardi Gras First Celebrated in New Orleans
190 years ago on 27 February. Here is footage of some previous celebrations.
Elizabeth Taylor Born
27 February will mark 85 years since the birth of one of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars. Delve into our Elizabeth Taylor collection here.

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