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Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

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Ronan Point
Following the tragedy of the tower fire last week, we take a look back at Ronan Point, the London tower block that partly collapsed after a gas explosion in 1968.
Royal Ascot
Hats at the ready, Royal Ascot will commence this year on 20 June. Check out our vintage Royal Ascot clips.
Allies Surrender at Tobruk
Rommel’s victory in Libya led to the Allied surrender 75 years ago on 21 June. This newsreel shows the evacuation.
The mother of all festivals begins on 21 June. Take a look at some vintage festivals from the archive.
The Mille Miglia Car Race Resumes
The Italian open road endurance race resumed after World War Two 70 years ago on 21 June. The following clips look back at the race.
Joe Louis Becomes Heavyweight Champion
22 June will mark 80 years since the legendary boxer became heavyweight champion. Watch footage of the man himself here.
W.G. Grace’s First Class Cricket Debut
Considered one of the greatest ever cricketers, W.G. Grace made his cricketing debut 150 years ago on 22 June. Here are archive clips of and relating to Grace.
Henley Regatta
Another summer highlight, the regatta takes place on 28 June. Delve back in time with some old-school Henley regatta newsreels.
Jayne Mansfield
29 June will mark 50 years since Mansfield was tragically killed in a car accident. Take a look at these films of the famous actress.
Canada Becomes a Self-Governing Dominion
Canada will be celebrating their 150th anniversary on 1 July. This comprehensive collection chronicles a history of Canada.
Tour de France
The famous bike race commences on 1 July. Delve back to some of the previous Tour de France experiences.
Battle of El Alamein Begins
1 July marks 75 years since the First Battle of El Alamein began. Here is our footage of the battle.
Hong Kong Returned to China
On 1 July it will be 20 years since Hong Kong was returned to China. So have a look at some of our clips of twentieth-century Hong Kong.
Greece Declares War
2 July will mark 100 years since Greece declared war on the Central Powers. Click here to view our Greece in World War One collection.
Amelia Earhart Disappears
The world famous aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared 80 years ago on 2 July. The following films document her flying career.
Will begin on 3 July. Get yourself ready with our archive Wimbledon clips, which features some very early matches.

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