Our archive contains 85,000 individual items. This staggering amount of material can prove difficult and time-consuming to wade through. So in these collections, we have grouped films by theme, location and the personalities involved. Click the links below to explore.
The European Union
Created in the run-up to the 2016 referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union, this collection chronicles the early history of that groundbreaking international organisation.
Euro 2016
Footage selected by British Pathé surrounding European football internationals.
IRA_PARADE_260_28_31Ireland: Revolutionary Period, 1916-1924
This selection of key British Pathé newsreels represents some of the finest contemporary reporting on the Irish Easter Rising, War of Independence and Civil War.
XMAS_FOR_ALL_1963_3098_08_79‘Tis the Season! Christmas Collection
To celebrate the season that cheers us, we have collected together our favourite Christmas-related films from the archive.
PEACE_ON_EARTH_1161_22_31Victory over Japan Day
August 2015 marked 70 years since the surrender of Japan and end of World War Two. We present the best related newsreels from our collection.
ve_day_collectionVictory in Europe Day
On 8th May 1945, the world celebrated the end of the Second World War. This film collection shows the revelry and its historical context.
election_collectionGeneral Election 2015
History provides fascinating insight into – and context for – key issues of the 2015 General Election.
churchill_collectionChurchill: A Life on Film
Sir Winston Churchill dominated 20th century politics and in 2002 was named the greatest Briton of all time. During his life, British Pathé’s cameras provided the world with a unique, visual insight into his character.
D-DAY_GREATEST_COMBINED_OPERATION_IN_WORLD'S_HISTORY_1360_03_345D-Day: 70th Anniversary Collection
Created for the 70th Anniversary in 2014, this collection shows the D-Day preparations, landings and the ensuing invasion of Normandy, plus footage of the key players.
scotland_collectionScotland: The Heritage Collection
We have compiled a selection of the finest twentieth-century reporting on Scotland. The films have been organised by topic and are presented on a single page for the first time.
WW1: The Definitive CollectionWW1 – The Definitive Collection
British Pathé holds one of the finest and most comprehensive WW1 archives in the world. To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, we launched this definitive collection of films from that conflict.