As well as Documentaries and Newsreels, British Pathé also produced Cinemagazines. These were long-running series which were generally more entertaining in nature. Pathé Eve, for example, was a series dedicated to the female demographic and represents what is basically the first ever moving-image fashion programme. It also covered other topics relevant to the modern woman. There were also Pathé Pictorials, Pathé Gazettes and many others, all collected here for your viewing pleasure.

All Cinemagazines


Eve's Wireless (1922)

A new invention - a cross between a mobile telephone and a iPod.


How To Become Slim (1931)

Hungarian Physical Culture Expert Edit Mezey shows us some slimming exercises.


Astra Gazette 10

RAF magazine items from 1958


Inside The Playboy Paradise (1966)

Fabulous magazine story that allows us a peek at the glamorous life of a Bunny...


Al Bowley Aka Al Bowlly (1936)

Crooner Al Bowlly sings 'Melancholy Baby' for his British Fans..