10 Dangerous DareDevils (1/10)

Houdini Copycat

Houdini Copycat

Things turned ugly when escapalogist Alan Alan tried to emulate his hero Harry Houdini in 1949. This 23 year old daredevil bit off more than he could chew when he tried to escape from a grave with his hands tied and half a tonne of earth on top of him. The fact was he was six feet under and he couldn't escape.

When there was no sign of movement after a few minutes and no signal from Alan's safety string, his helpers frantically started digging up the grave. It was nearly curtains for Alan but thankfully they reached him just in time and in this image his face says it all.

If you want to know why it went wrong, have a good look at his helpers stamping down the earth on top of the grave. The poor fellow didn't have a chance!

Film: Houdini II Buried Alive

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